Views of a Veteran

  0 comments   |     by Usman Khalid

The Indo-Zionist lobbies have long campaigned that the USA replicates the First Gulf War in Pakistan before it withdraws from Afghanistan. With President Obama having mouthed words of demonization of Pakistan himself, there is fear that the USA may submit to the wishes of Indo-Zionists. But he may be dissuaded from striking Pakistan if the cost is too high. Pakistan’s nuclear doctrine is based on ‘first strike on India; whatever the source and direction of a threat. Pakistan has the will and ability to stop the flow of oil through the Straits of Hormuz, The air and land L of C of all foreign troops in Afghanistan would be irreversibly severed upon invasion of Pakistan. Is America prepared for such results only to please the Indo-Zionist? Christine Fair says that for the US the present situation of ‘trust deficit’ is natural and bearable but not for Pakistan. She is right. Pakistanis fear the worst but are prepared for it. They have little hope in the USA whose Congress gives standing ovation to fascist demagogue – Benjamin Netanyahu – 19 times but refuses to increase taxes on the rich to reduce the budget deficit. These are symptoms of a failed state. Pakistanis are afraid of their state becoming a failed state. But when they compare the failure resulting from the rule by American puppets with clandestine operations or air strikes, they prefer the latter.  

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