Human Rights in South Asia

India’s Ignorance of its Political Prisoners during Pandemic

The second wave in recent weeks has overwhelmed the healthcare system, leaving hospitals and people both struggling to cope with critical drugs and oxygen in short supply. The situation now seems a little under control with infections slowing down. Pandemic has revealed a lot of mismanagement on the part of the government. Many sections of the society have skipped the gaze of the government, pol

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Dalit Rights

In India, the pandemic is a prize for some and punishment..

In India, the pandemic is a prize for some and punishment for others BBC news recently ran a piece on the Covid-19 pandemic in India. It was a seemingly equivocal survey of the obvious problems that would manifest themselves in a country with minimal welfare provisions and the sort of sanguinity regarding mortality rates one would expect from a c

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Israeli Politics Break Through a Glass Ceiling

The new coalition's chances of taking power from Netanyahu hinge on the support of a conservative Arab party Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has lost his last-minute legal challenge to stall the formation of a government by opposition right-

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Naxals trying to establish new bases in India’s Assam

At a time when the National Register of Citizens (NRC) is being updated under direct supervision of the Supreme Court to identify illegal immigrants in Assam, Naxals are trying to establish new bases in the state taking full advantage of the situation. According to media reports, top Naxal leaders are making efforts to establish bases among militant outfit United Liberation Front of Asom-Indepen

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Changing Social Landscape of Tribes in Kerala: Challenges in Tribal Studies

Written by K.M. Seethi & Elizabeth Abraham The social landscape and livelihood options in the tribal habitats in Kerala have changed tremendously in the last several decades. This transformation has its impact on the tribal population and their life-world experiences. This is the theme of the ongoing workshop organised as part of the Engaging Hu

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