One Year Of Modi Rule: India Gangrened

  0 comments   |     by Jagadish G Chandra

India’s capitalist democracy has surely turned a page in the 21st century. A thousand headed Cobra has come-off its age and has started vexing its fangs, spewing out the deadly venom of communalism in all directions.

The victory of Modi in May 2014 can in no way be termed as yet another political accident of parliamentary democracy. As reiterated in the previous issues of ‘Dudiyora Horaata /’, right from its inception in 1980 to this day the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) and its mentor RSS conglomerate which is euphemistically called as “Sangh Parivar” is gaining strength by each hour, week, and month by exploiting every available loophole in this bourgeois democracy.

Modi, took the reigns of power with a slogan of ruling India for 60 months, at least. But within the first 12 months itself the Modi led BJP’s regime has created an extreme fear psychosis in the minds and hearts of India’s multitudes. One is reminded of the mythological fable in which hundreds of snakes coming out, one after another from the huge anthills, spitting-out poison.

The increasing communal attacks on Muslims, Christians and other religious minorities, desecration of Churches, Rape and Sexual assaults on Nuns and Dalith women, the cantankerous ‘Ghar Wapsi’campaign has terrorised the weak and meek sections of this country. The RSS and the BJP who falsely eulogise women as goddess incarnate, put the FDI in first preference instead of Women. Arun Jaitely the finance minister has gone on record saying the country wide spontaneous campaign against the heinous rape of paramedical student ‘Nirbhaya’, cost the economy the much needed investments. The BJP’s bias against women and their issues is further manifested in the banning of the BBC documentary ‘India’s Daughter’.

It is now proved beyond doubt that the greedy capitalist class which was waiting all these years for a suitable government of their choice has put all its purse and pulse behind Modi. Modi’s one year of rule is nothing but paying back to his big business friends.

Within the very first few months, the current BJP Govt. amply exhibited its class interests by annulling the planning commission and throwing the age old practice of 5-year planning lock, stock and barrel.

The BJP has clearly manifested its anti poor ideology and its bias against any succor and subsidy for the down-troden sections by attacking and diluting the NREGA and other pro-poor economic programmes. The mafia of the Pharmaceutical companies are in full glee as their poster boy Modi has come round to accept their long standing demand for de-controlling the prices of medicines. As a result of which, today an anti-cancer drug which was costing Rs.8,000 last year, has bombed to Rs.1,08000.

The much touted series of sloganeering such as ‘Make in India’, ‘Jan Dhan’, and ‘Good Governance’ programmes are nothing but camouflaged austerity measures which would give absolute freedom to local and foreign capital to rake exploitative profits.

It is no secret that Modi who recited the word ‘POOR’ thrice in his first gallery speech to the BJP parliamentarians, went on to instruct the State Bank of India to facilitate a loan of $ 1 billion to the infamous businessman Adani for a mining project in Australia. The promulgation of 8 presidential ordinances including the most controversial landbill ordinance in a short span of 8 months is a record in itself, which goes to show the shallowness of Modi’s good governance sham, throwing all democratic parliamentary procedures.

BJP’s hypocritical campaign of ‘SwachhBharat Abhiyan’, stinks with all the despicable upper caste, upper class bias which is rampant in the Indian society. A party which revers and follows the medieval scriptures such as ‘Manu Smrithi’ which justifies the draconian caste system and assigns a dirt status to Daliths, Adivasis and Women has lot to cleanse itself. One needs to be extremely suspicious of Modi and his mentor RSS’s, “Swachh Bharat” as they have groomed themselves by applauding and cheering all ethnic cleansing horrors around the world from Hitler’s Germany to Netanyahu’s Israel.

Modi’s foreign jaunts have become a subject of ridicule of late, 16 visits abroad in 12 months has gained him the tittle “Onsite PM” and supposedly a demand for a “Resident PM” by L.K.Advani. If one draws a balance sheet of Modi’s first 12 months in power it is nothing but a regime which has directly and indirectly polarised the Indian society on the lines sectarianism, casteisim and communalism. The increasing clamor for a country wide Beef ban by the Hindu fundamentalist forces is only a tip of the ice-berg, which is waiting to explode to a wider anti-Dalith, anti-Muslim and of other persecuted sections. This attempt of imposing a mono-food culture in a multi cultural and multi faceted society is bound to have serious repercussions on the entire Indian population.

The poisonous slogan of “We are all Hindu – We are all one” is certain to turn in to a communal gangrene. This false and pseudo uniformity is professedly anti-progressive, anti-egalitarian and anti-women. This has to be challenged unreservedly and unequivocally by mass working peoples’ mobilisations cutting across all sectarianism and all divisions that divide us.

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