Complicity and cowardice

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Complicity and cowardice

March 05, 2014

Shameful is too soft a word to describe the response from the political leadership following the horrific attack on the District Courts Complex in Islamabad, on Monday. Incompetence, impotence and indifference everywhere. And here we are, desperately trying to breathe life into a corpse. Trying to talk sense to the deaf and the foolish. Searching for answers from the words of the clueless. The red line left so far behind, it appears a tiny dot. Ahead just smoke and darkness, leaving us at a standstill, afraid to take a single step forward. Elected ‘representatives’ justifying violent death and championing the art of obfuscation, refusing to acknowledge undeniable facts. They, not the terrorists, are landing the biggest blows against the nation’s collective resolve to rise from the ashes.

Not more than a week ago, Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan assured the entire nation of Islamabad’s safety. He spoke at great length to discredit the alarming report presented by his own ministry, which revealed that the capital was facing serious threats. Everyone went home feeling safe because the man trusted with their security said everything was fine and under control. He was lying. We all know what happened next. 11-people-dead later, he is still at it. What credibility does the interior minister have after being exposed in such a spectacular fashion? Does he even believe what he says? Perhaps, he does. But, he has absolutely no right to expect the same from others.

PTI Chairman, Imran Khan appears just as adamant to disappoint and discourage. For the victims of the Islamabad attack, the best he has to offer is a redundant conspiracy theory. The elusive “third force” is back in action, to prevent us from reaching a healthy compromise with mass murderers. And whose responsibility is it to stop this ‘anti-talks’ menace? In Mr Khan’s wisdom (term not to be taken literally), the TTP should be entrusted to nab these killers of the innocent. Suggesting appointment of murderers to keep a check on fellow murderers is shockingly stupid, even by his standards. Well, maybe not. Regardless, it is hoped that common sense prevails before it is too late for Mr Khan and the rest of us.

It is easy to forget, but this country has a prime minister. Where is His Majesty, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif? We don’t know. What has he said about the latest tragedy to befall the defenseless people of his country and the course of action his government plans to take in response? Nothing. How unfortunate for the people that their fate is to be decided by a man so clueless and quiet. Countrywide action is unavoidable unless the plan is to surrender. He must realize that his throne rests on thin ice. And the cracks have started to emerge.

This is an Editorial from The Nation 05 March 2014

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