Human Rights in South Asia

The march of folly by A.G. Noorani an Indian writer

TWO thousand and seventeen is the year of anniversaries in Kashmir. July 8 marked one year since the killing of Burhan Wani; July 13 marked the anniversary of Martyrs’ Day. On this day in 1931, the maharaja’s troops shot 22 Muslims dead inside Srinagar’s central jail, setting off a wave of resentment that engulfed Punjab, Delhi and Lucknow. It marked a turning point. Oct 26 will mark 70 years since the mah

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India and Israel Start to See Enemies Within Cultural Revolutions

Cultural revolutions are underway in two nation-states -- India and Israel -- founded by secular nationalists in the late 1940s. Right-wing demagogues, emerging in both countries from among previously unrepresented masses, seek to forge a new national identity by stigmatizing particular religious and secular groups.  There are eerie similarities between the Hindu thugs who assault Muslim males marrying Hindu wo

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Indigenous People

WSS Condemns Threats By Bajrang Dal On WSS Activist In Assam

Women against Sexual Violence and State Repression (WSS) strongly condemns the manner in which our member Ms Bondita Acharya, a well known women’s activist from Jorhat, Assam, is being criminally intimidated, abused in sexual language, defamed and trolled on her Facebook account only because she expressed her personal opinion regarding eating of beef, a common practice in her state of Assam, and opposed targeting of M

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