RAW assigned to scuttle China-Pakistan Corridor

10-07-2018  |  By Asif Haroon Raja

Central Asia

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Middle East

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Human Rights in South Asia

Killers and Rapists of Muslim Children It is never acceptable to kill innocent

It is never acceptable to kill innocent civilians regardless of the circumstances. It is even worse if the victims are children. Yet this is precisely what is happening to civilians in many parts of the Muslim world where the US and its allies are involved. Let us begin with Afghanistan where on April 2 Afghan helicopters unleashed deadly missiles on hundreds of young madrasah students who had g

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Dalit Rights

The Story of Broken People of India Aniruddha Vithal Babar

India is a nation of BROKEN PEOPLE who were made the prisoners of the Caste System. The Bramhinicle social order set up an invisible prison where aborigines-the erstwhile rulers o

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London Institute of South Asia (LISA) in The House of Lords

Address of Saeed Ismat, Chairman, London Institute of South Asia (LISA) in The House of Lords On 20 June 2018 “Discussion and LISA Book Award 2018” "In the name of God, the Most Gracio

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Indigenous People

A Brief Discourse on Naga’s Struggle for Self-Respect and Freedom

Mr. T. Sakhrie, one of the first Naga intellectuals, a philosopher and a great Naga-nationalist leader of his era who sacrificed his life for the freedom and rights of Nagas stood true till his last breath to his ideologies and convictions which reflect in his quote that further produced verbatim. He said,          

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