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Human Rights in South Asia

Heroic Bangladesh students’ spirit marched ahead of mainstream politics

Bangladesh student spirit marched ahead of the mainstream politics as streams of school studen

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Dalit Rights

Ex IG Darapuri Flays Yogi Govt on Fake Encounter Raj in Uttar Pradesh

S R Darapuri,former Inspector General of Policce (IG) of Uttar Pradesh . — File photo INTERVIEW The BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh, India’s largest state, has been in the news

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Cracking the Afghan-Pak nut It is Nothing Short of a Challenge for Pakistan to Reconcile

It is nothing short of a challenge for Pakistan to reconcile its western neighbour, a neighbour Pakistan has almost never enjoyed cordial relations

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Indigenous People

Assam’s National Register of Citizens: A Fact Based Analysis

The draft has some flaws, but talk of bloodbath, deportation does not measure up to the facts of the exercise.

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