China opens dual-use highway to Nepal via Tibet to the Nepal border

30-11-2017  |  By PTI ( press Trust of India)


Human Rights in South Asia

Similarities between occupation of Kashmir and Palestine by Ken Stone

In Gaza, which has suffered under an illegal Israeli blockade for the past ten years, unemployment is at an incredible 63%, the highest official rate in the world. All export industries have been shut down. Sparse goods trickle in through underground tunnels. Thousands are still living in tents following the last Israeli military incursion of 2014 and few students are allowed to leave to pursue their post-secondary

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Dalit Rights

Pakistani diplomat highlights India's disgraceful policies against women at UNHRC

Pakistani diplomats Murk Aijaz and Qazi Saleem at the UNHRC session. Photo: Reporter.  GENEVA: A Pakistani diplomat highlighted India's disgraceful policies in the United Rights Commission (UNHRC). “India has surely become the rape capital of the world where no woman is safe due to their own disgraceful policies against women,” diplomat Murk Aijaz said.Around 327,000 crimes against women were registered

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Rage over mythical beauty Padmavati shows ugly side to a new India

Several groups condemn the mythical tale as a distortion of history with some going so far as issuing death threats against the director – despite never having seen the movie Something strange and bewildering is happening in India and nobody is sure where it will lead. Over the past two weeks, the media landscape has been dominated by the campaign against Padmavati, a Bollywood film which is

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Indigenous People

Land rights protests met with militarised response and brutality

Arbitrary arrest and detention, shootings, tear gas, and killings. This is, how local authorities, military and police have reacted to non-violent protests of indigenous peoples throughout 2016. People were shocked by how the protesters at Standing Rock were met with a disproportionate militarised response. At the same time in India and Bangladesh, land rights protesters were met with even harsher means. Several people got

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