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Human Rights in South Asia

Similarities between Palestine and Kashmir - The problems of Kashmir and Palestine

The problems of Kashmir and Palestine both date back to 1947. While Palestine is well known globally, Kashmir is virtually an unknown entity. Ken Stone of the Canadian Peace Alliance thinks it ought to be brought into mainstream. The similarities are striking. United Nations (UN) in 1948 promised self-determination both the peoples of Palestine and K

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Dalit Rights

A hidden potential of Contemporary Dalit Uprisings

Today, Indian politics is going through a particular kind of change, especially in the area of politics of uprising. Indian politics has long history of uprising, better to say, India emerged a

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Cracking the Afghan-Pak nut It is Nothing Short of a Challenge for Pakistan to Reconcile

It is nothing short of a challenge for Pakistan to reconcile its western neighbour, a neighbour Pakistan has almost never enjoyed cordial relations

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Indigenous People

Assam’s National Register of Citizens: A Fact Based Analysis

The draft has some flaws, but talk of bloodbath, deportation does not measure up to the facts of the exercise.

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