Caste system in india and how it originated must watch....!!!

Caste system is a shame for Indian culture. Its a blot in our society. It should have no place in any modern society. Anyone who says it is JUST a division of labor, first, it is an outdated system because today anyone can do anything and there is no need for division of labor. SECOND, we all know that it is not just division of labor..that a lie. Lets face it. In our daily lives we see people of different castes are discriminated, hated and ridiculed. How many times we have heard people from upper caste talking negative about lower castes? Many times. If you really want to know what caste system is , read Manusmriti..It is basically a divide and rule policy. Divide people based on the social position and then keep them under the boot. Just one last question, have you EVER seen a Brahmin working as a sweeper in ANYWHERE in India ? Never.