OIC-IPHRC strongly condemns HRs violations in Occupied Kashmir

The Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission of OIC has strongly condemned the ongoing and fresh human rights violations in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.

The Commission deplored the lack of respect and insensitivity shown by Indian government towards the international human rights law, UN Security Council Resolutions and its human rights obligations. The Commision said the recent deployment of additional thirty eight thousand Indian paramilitary troops in occupied Kashmir in the already heavily militarized area has aggravated the sense of fear and panic among civilians amid impending uncertainty and insecurity. It said this buildup of forces has the potential to further exacerbate human rights violations and shrink civil liberties in the held valley. Recent developments have been accompanied by increased level of hostilities at the Line of Control where reportedly the Indian Army has used cluster ammunition in contravention of International humanitarian law, which has resulted in killing of and injuries to innocent civilians.

The Commission stressed upon Indian government to ensure implementation of the recommendations provided in the reports of OIC human rights commission's fact finding visit of 2017, for bringing an immediate end to the human rights abuses. It also urged India to establish a Commission of Inquiry under UN auspices.