Myanmar Rohingya crisis: Bangladesh plea over 'untenable' exodus

Almost a million Rohingya people have fled Myanmar for Bangladesh, placing the country in an "untenable" position, Bangladesh's envoy to the UN says. Violence against Rohingya in Rakhine, northern Myanmar (Burma), continues, Shameem Ahsan said. "Thousands still enter on a daily basis," he added. About 600,000 have crossed the border since August, when militant attacks in Rakhine triggered an army offensive. Mr Ahsan was speaking at a conference in Geneva to raise funds for victims.

About $340m (£260m) has been pledged so far. The UN is seeking $434m, which it says will help more than a million people for six months. Aid agencies describe conditions in Bangladeshi camps as appalling. There is a lack of clean water, shelter and food, and many children are traumatised. "This is an untenable situation," Mr Ahsan told the conference. He said aid was vital until Myanmar agreed to a "safe, dignified, voluntary return of its nationals back to their homes".