Kashmir tragedy - is Modi getting away?

Mysterious rise of a terrorist to the highest slot, Premiership of a country, Narendra Modi who had entered in politics as a trained terrorist, most wanted, enlisted in top ten terrorist of the world, went into hiding and disguised himself as a Sikh to avoid arrest is now the Prime Minister of India for his second term. Despite being most wanted in many cases and direct arrest order by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Narendra Modi did not go to jail because of his shrewd tactics but hidden himself and roamed freely across the country in disguise and continued his nefarious activities. Not only this but he remained the head of terrorist camp of Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) and administrated a special oath of the loyalty from activists of RSS. 

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 Narendra Modi emerged with a title of ‘Butcher of Gujrat’ and was listed in the ‘top ten terrorists of the world’ whose entry to USA remained banned for long for his terrorist activities against minority Muslim population in Gujrat. I had already served a Charge Sheet to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government on February 5th, 2018 for his crimes against humanity in the Indian Occupied Kashmir where the Indian Army under his command is committing unprecedented brutalities in terms of mass murdering, mass blinding through pelleting, rapes, tortures, enforced disappearances, political repression and suppression of freedom of speech since day first and now he has imposed a cruel longest curfew since August 5, 2019 turning the valley into the largest cage of the world.  Since day first of Narendra Modi earlier tenure as Prime Minister of India, on his direct instructions the Indian Forces are killing citizens including children and women and these extra-judicial killings have become now a routine of Indian Army. According to Human Rights Report, since January 1989 till 31st January 2018, 94,644 innocent Kashmiris have been killed, 7, 099 have been killed in custody, 11,042 women were gang-raped and 7, 485 have been injured by pellets. Maximum number of above sufferings are during the premiership of Modi. However, the year 2018 has been deadliest in a decade with over 324 people killed. 

The un-armed innocent Kashmiris are simply demanding their legitimate right of implementation of 11 Resolutions of United Nations Security Council which is being continuously ignored and denied. Instead of giving them their right of self-determination, PM Narendra Modi snatched the little rights they had under Article 370 and 35 A and now their voices are being silent by bullets, inflicting all kind of brutalities, complete lockdown of the valley, denying access of international media and human rights organization there.

I have been exposing his criminal activities of PM Modi and now once again reinforce that he is continuously committing gross violations of international laws and human rights.

I once again demand that he must be tried under International Criminal Court, based on the following Charge-Sheet as given below:

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi and previous Governments have committed unprecedented brutalities against innocent Kashmiris in terms of mass murders, mass blinding, enforced disappearances, torture, rapes, political repression and suppression of freedom of speech.

Indian Government is violating the global treaties by not allowing the Human Rights Bodies to access Kashmir. For years, PM Narendra Modi appeared in ‘Top Ten Criminals’ list and had been figured-out prominently in the search alongside images of terrorists, murderers and criminals on ‘Google’ and his entry remained banned in USA for his role in killing of hundreds of Muslims in Gujrat, India.

PM Narendra Modi is an active member of RSS – A Terrorist organization, which is involved in the massacre of Muslims and other minorities in India and his own hands are stained with the blood of thousands of innocents Muslims and Christians who are the citizens of his own country and now he is replicating the same in Kashmir.

 ‘RSS’ is an anti-Muslim organization. Since the day one they have claimed to declare India as a “Hindu Rashtra” by 2025. RSS had earlier opposed the creation of Pakistan; it was RSS which killed Mahatma Gandhi through Nathuram Godse just because Mahatma Gandhi agreed with Quaid -e- Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah for the partitioning of India and creation of Pakistan. It speaks of RSS and Modi’s anti-Muslim mind- set which the world is witnessing every day in Kashmir.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his organization RSS continue to be anti- Muslims which was demonstrated by killing thousands of Muslims in Ahmedabad, Gujrat and in other parts of the India, the demolishing of Babri Masjid and now the same is being replicated in Kashmir.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has increased the number of troops in Kashmir to the level of 700,000 plus, to kill and inflict violence to peace loving armless innocent Kashmiris who are struggling for their right of self-determination under UNSC Resolutions.

Prime Minister Modi has crossed all the limits of brutality and did not feel any guilt in ordering aggressive use of pellet guns against peaceful protestors in Occupied Kashmir, which the international community has termed as the first mass blinding in human history and now the longest and cruel curfew since August 5th, 2019 where people access to basic necessitates, food and medicines is blocked. 

Prime Minster Narendra Modi is unleashing ethnic cleansing of Muslim majority in Kashmir; by mass murdering and settling the RSS trained families in Kashmir. They are being allotted lands and houses in Kashmir to reduce Muslims as minority there, which is the utter violation of the right of Kashmiri Muslims. RSS has already come up with a new strategy of five thousands Village Defense Committees (VDS) in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi stands fully exposed as a murderer of innocent Kashmiris and prime violator of Human Rights who has no respect for human dignity and honor and international laws.

In view of the above misdeeds, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, stands guilty of murders and prime violator of human rights, dignity and honour. I therefore demand from the United Nations that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, government including National Security Advisor Ajit Doval should be tried for their war crimes and crimes against humanity in the ICC under Rome Statue. In the past Augusto Pinochet President of Chile, Slobodan Milosevic President of Republic of Yugoslavia, and Milan Martic and Milan Babic Presidents of Republic of Serbian Karjina, were tried for carrying out such crimes against humanity, and all of them were convicted.

Unfortunately the terrorist turned Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now rubbing his shoulders with those who legitimately declared him as top ten wanted terrorist in the world. We witnessed how PM Modi demonstrated the power of his lobbing in an open walk while climbing on the right arm of US President Donald Trump displaying power as ring leader of RSS and showed how he has managed to turn into a glued friend of President Donald Trump from being among the top ten terrorists as per USA Law.

On the other hand he played his skills and win the confidence of the Muslim member states of United Nations who under his influence did not even dare to condemn his brutalities and barbaric curfew in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Narendra Modi successfully blocked all the voice emerging against the violations of human rights by Indian Forces. Humanity was crushed and international leadership including some loud voices of Muslim countries allowed Modi to walk away from the UNGA by crushing the humanity and Victims of gross violation of Human rights. He walked away like he walked away after killing thousands of Muslims and despite the baggage of above charge sheet, he over smarted the world leadership and Secretary General United Nations and shamelessly his guilt of shedding the blood of innocent Kashmiris could not prick his conscience.

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I would like to make Mr. Modi understand that he is only deceiving himself, the world and his own nation by driving his country to one party rule and turning the India into a deadly extremist state of the world. The world should wake up and realize how Narendra Modi tactically designed the Article 370 plot first to conduct Pulwama attack himself and after blamed Pakistan for it wherein he openly threatened Pakistan of a worst possible revenge. 

PM Modi, You have done your best to block the following legitimate rights and demands of Kashmiris,

Kashmiris want and demand a fix date for plebiscite in Kashmir that UNSC Resolutions for self- determination and one day you will have to do.

Kashmiris demand appointment of a high powered Commission to investigate gross human right violations in Kashmir in continuation of UN human rights earlier report on Kashmir which calls for international inquiry into multiple violations by Indian Government.

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Kashmiris want to have the matter of human rights violation and crimes against humanity to be referred to International Criminal Court.

Kashmiris demand for reference from United Nations to International Criminal Court under Rome Statue for the trial of PM Narednra Modi as war criminal and for all the brutalities by his Army under his own command. 

PM Modi has great art of fleeing away after committing crimes both at home and abroad rather being in cage. He has cages thousands of innocent Kashmiris but telling the world proudly that he scraped 370 and 35A but sadly he has caged 80 million Kashmiris and inflicting all kind of damages to them in front of the so-called protectors of human rights and the champions of Democracy who are silent spectators of this unfortunate situation.