Human Rights and Multiple People Sufferings

This episode “Taya ki Baithak” includes several segments which relate to the ‘people ’ of Kashmir. It has brought to light the horrific violation of human rights in GB region by Pakistan Army and ISI. There have been many unauthorised arrests / detention of the citizens and HR activists in GB without a legal trial to silence the voice of the ‘People ’. The people of GB region are being ruthlessly oppressed to the extent that there is no respite for the poor. There has been hardly any infrastructure development for the downtrodden people of GB neither there has been any clarity in the Pak Govt’s plan for economic upliftment of the people. The tales of suffering of the people are galore. Since the media is facing complete clampdown, the news of HR violations doesn’t reach the world. The people of GB feel neglected, overlooked devoid of basic needs of life while the Govt is busy boosting CPEC without realisation of the debt trap into which it is falling. CPEC has dominated GB with the sole purpose of economic gains the China. The development of infrastructure in GB is only meant to benefit Chinese employees and the Chinese forces. The utter ignorance and the Pak Govt’s ill fated, illogical and narrow sighted designs of CPEC are nothing but just a tool to crush the people of GB. The economy of Pakistan is already so bad that there is no scope for any repayment of loans in the near future. As a results this region might end in compromising independence of the people & exploitation and subjugation by China in the longer run. 

It is time for the international community to seriously acknowledge the human violation struggle as a righteous outcome of state repression by an insolent federal regime. Appeasing the repressive policies of the Punjabi Muslim dominated political elite of Islamabad is not in order. The United Nations must compel Pakistan to comply with all conventions on forced disappearances and torture instead of accepting its brazen lies. By staying quiet, it is only encouraging the level of atrocities being perpetrated on innocent civilians. India must take a lead in this fight against infringement of human rights and state sponsored violence in GB.
Contrary to this, the Indian Govt has taken excellent measures just to ensure the upliftment and rise in status of the ‘AWAAM’ of Kashmir. As part of a well coordinated effort, the Govt of India has launched educational loan schemes for the youth of Kashmir which is up to 10,00,000 & 20, 00,000/- for foreign education, the loan is to sponsor the SC/ST/OBC & handicapped children. It helps in boosting the efforts of hardworking youth to realise their dreams. There are also skill development courses run by the govt which will help in ensuring that there is reduction in unemployment in the valley. The vocational courses can be applied for free of cost and these courses will further boost the concept of self-employment amongst the ‘People’. The opening up of 800 vacancies for SI post in JKP is again a fantastic opportunity for the youth given by the Govt to facilitate the youth in joining the mainstream as guardians of law & order in Kashmir. There has been a rise in countless opportunities to amalgamate the ‘ people ’ with their longstanding dreams. The youth is the future and govt leaves no stone unturned to nurture their dreams.
There is a new dawn in Jammu Kashmir as the region moves forward to enjoy all fruits of democracy and freedom guaranteed under the Constitution of India. The ball is now entirely in the court of the people; they can make or break their destiny and the future of their younger generations.