Genocide Watch issues alert for Occupied Kashmir

Genocide  Watch,  a US based organization, has issued an alert for Occupied Kashmir in the wake of India's ongoing clampdown in the Muslim majority region following revocation of its special status.

It issued the alert just as PM Imran Khan urged the international community to prevent the impending genocide in Occupied Kashmir. The Genocide Watch, which keeps an eye on disputes across the world, gave a brief history of Kashmir in its alert while detailing the reasons which led it to issue the warning. Explaining the reasons behind issuing the alert, the organization also recalled the Indian atrocities in Kashmir where occupation forces have carried out genocide and massacres, killing people with impunity.

Below are the early warnings of genocide stated by  Genocide Watch on its website.

1-An exclusionary ideology of “Hindutva” – India as Hindu nation – by Modi’s ruling BJP.

2- Authoritarian military rule without legal restraints imposed by civilian Indian officials.

3. Rule by a minority military force (Hindus and Sikhs) over majority Muslim citizens.

4. Cut-off of communications and outside access by internet, media, and trade;

5. Widespread violations of basic human rights – torture, rape, 2-year detentions without charge, arbitrary arrests and deportations of Muslim political and human rights leaders.

It also listed the "Ten Stages of the genocidal process" that it said are  far advanced:

1. Classification: Hindu and Sikh Indian Army “us” vs. Kashmiri Muslim civilian “them;”

2. Symbolization: Muslims have Muslim names (on ID cards), Kashmiri language, dress, mosques;

3. Discrimination: Hindu pandits were economically dominant until 1990; BJP reasserted Hindu power;

4. Dehumanization: Muslims are called “terrorists”, “separatists,” “criminals,” “insurgents;”

5. Organization: 600,000 heavily armed Indian Army troops and police dominate Kashmir;

6. Polarisation: Modi and the BJP incite anti-Muslim hatred; social media spread falsehoods;

7. Preparation: The Indian Army occupies Kashmir; BJP leaders speak of the “Final Solution” for Kashmir;

8. Persecution: Kashmiri Muslims are locked down, subject to arrest, torture, rape, and murder;

9: Extermination: Genocidal massacres occurred during Partition; since 1990, there have been at least 25 massacres with death tolls over 25: 10 of Muslims by Indian troops; 15 of Hindus by Muslim militants;

10. Denial: Modi and BJP say their goals are to “bring prosperity” and “end terrorism”; they deny any massacres. No Indian Army troops or police are ever tried for torture, rape or murder. Modi’s takeover is popular in India.

?Genocide Watch called  upon the United Nations and its members to warn India not to commit genocide in Kashmir.