USA Welcomes Pakistan's Legislation Against Honour Killing

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WASHINGTON: Terming it as an important step towards ensuring the protection of women in Pakistan, the United States appreciated the country for its legislation against honour killing, on Saturday.


Spokesperson of the Department of State of the United States John Kirby said that the passing of the bill in Pakistan needed to be appreciated since it was an important step towards safeguarding the rights of women. Kirby said that this would encourage female participation in the country and added that it was important to spread social awareness and bring criminals to justice.

"We will support Pakistan fully in such measures," he said.

During the press briefing, Kirby once again stated that India and Pakistan should indulge in dialogue on the issue of Kashmir. He said that it was for the Indian government to confirm whether or not a surgical strike had taken place inside Pakistan.

Kirby said USA wanted to end tensions between both countries.

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