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This trio has distinct similarities. Modi leads the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, and is an avid Muslim hater where India is home to about 191 million Muslim citizens. Similarly the Trump campaign was characteristically anti-Muslim, which enthused many Hindus in India and the United States to sustain Trump’s bid for the presidency with the anticipation and hope that contempt for Muslims would translate into harsher policies toward Pakistan and other Muslim states. Trump and Modi are highly conceited and egocentric who love theatrics and some observers have gone to the extent of calling them narcissistic. Not only they have some common enemies (China and Muslims) but importantly they have an important international strong man friend Benjamin Netanyahu. The same traits are embodied in Benjamin Netanyahu.   On Modi visit to Israel, Independent a British daily wrote, ‘this is more than a historic visit. Prime ministers from India always took a balanced and sensitive approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the past. Not Modi. He won’t even bother meeting with Palestinians during his visit. What we are watching, in slow motion, is the biggest realignment of the global order since the Second World War’. As one Indian writer put it, Indian nationalists “not only envisage India following Israel’s apartheid model to deal with the minorities at home, but also always dream of turning India into an aggressive state like Israel”.  

Together this trio could be the biggest danger to the world peace. 

Modi visit has sparked an exciting reaction from Iran, which has close and cordial relations with India, but has an abiding animosity with the Zionist state of Israel. On Monday (July 3), Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khomeini called for support for the “oppressed Muslims in India-held Kashmir” after years of silence on this subject; he also referred to Kashmir in his Eid sermon. There is little doubt Ayatollah Khomeini’s response has been triggered by the growing bonhomie between Israel and India. 

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