Must Read Comment Congratulations, my dear old friend Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd

  1 comments   |     by Sumanta Banerjee

Congratulations, my dear old friend Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd, on your excellent analysis of the present situation. The problem with the OBC leadership is that the Mandal recommendations for reservation (surely necessary) led to the creation of a sub-elite among the OBC politicians, who replicated the same opportunist and exploitative model of functioning that their upper caste predecessors had been following all these years. Typical examples of such opportunism are Nitish Kumar and Ram Vilas Paswan. Even a Dalit politician like Mayavati could not escape the taint of corruption and opportunism (when she allied with the BJP at one stage) to defeat her OBC opponent Mulayam Singh Yadav. The need therefore is to mobilize and unite the OBC and Dalit poor at the ground level, along with other sections of the oppressed, on their basic socio-economic demands, and wean them away from their present political leaders whose casteist and divisive policies and actions are being utilized by the BJP government to divide our people.

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