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RAIPUR: Maoist rebels killed 13 police and wounded another 12 in an ambush in a remote part of central India on Monday, two senior officers said.

The troops were carrying out an operation deep in a forest when the gunmen attacked, the head of Chhattisgarh state’s anti-Maoist operations told AFP.

“Thirteen security forces were killed in a gunbattle with Maoists in a deep forest of Sukma region of Chhattisgarh,” said Rajinder Kumar Vij.

The victims were all from the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), a paramilitary unit. Its local head of operations Zulfikar Hasan said the attackers had used villagers as human shields.

“The Naxals were using local villagers as shields, hence our force couldn’t retaliate with full force as that would also have cost villagers’ lives,” he told AFP, using a term commonly used for Maoist rebels in India.

“The operation is still on and I can confirm that 13 of our men have lost their lives... Besides, another 12 CRPF men are injured.

“The attack is the latest in a simmering conflict that pits the insurgents against local and national authorities in the forests and rural areas of mainly central and eastern India.

The Maoists are believed to be present in at least 20 states but are most active in Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand and Maharashtra, occupying thousands of square kilometres of land.

The insurgency is believed to have cost tens of thousands of lives, with much action focused around the insurgent-dominated, so-called “Red Corridor “stretching through central and eastern India.

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