Main Stream Media or Respectable Media - It Failed to be on the Right Side of Human Rights

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The passing year proved to be a total muddle for the so-called "mainstream" or "respectable media". It failed to be on the right side of human rights; on the contrary, it promoted violence by lobbying on behalf of people like Narendra Modi, Benjamin Netanyahu, (murderers of Muslims in Gujarat, Kashmir and Palestine). It has failed in partisan campaigns against Brexit, Donald Trump, and other important events, thereby losing more trust among the public than ever before.

In the past it may have been lauded as source of objective truth and analysis but after lying about Iraq’s "Weapons of Mass Destruction", and nearly everything related to the "Arab Spring" and the War on Syria and supporting likes of Narendra Modi who stands for religious intolerance and spreads violence through Hindutva, it’s now been reduced to the tabloid-like level of peddling conspiracy and falsehood. They've misused their "freedom of press" believing it to be the ticket to heaven where they have divine rights to influence local and global politics and trade. It will take a generation but we're living through a transition period, witnessing the end of corporate controlled media and where digital information will be the norm for our Smartphone children.

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