London Institute of South Asia (LISA) concerned on threat to kill Kancha Ilaiah Sheperd

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A powerful politician and a member of parliament in India  has issued a sermon to kill Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd. All democratic minded people should condemn and resist this open threat to one of the greatest intellectuals in India.

T.G. Venaktesh, an extremist Arya Vysya leader held a press conference on 18/9/2017 in a luxury hotel in Hyderabad with an extremist, conspitorial Arya Vysya team and issued a threat against me that he would kill or hang me in the streets. This person is an MP from the TDP and supposed be the richest man after Gandi Madhava Rao (GMR) from that community in the two Telugu states . Can a Parliament member who issued a threat against a citizen—that too a globally known writer and thinker—continue in the Parliament as member? It is for the BJP and TDP (Telugu Desam Party) to decide.

The myth that the Arya Vysya community is a peace loving non-violent community proved to be wrong. This is clear from the violent statements that their leaders are issuing. It is also clear from their abusive and vulgar behavior on the streets from village to cities up to the State capitals Amaravati and Hyderabad. They are indulging in the treat vandalism. Both the states are freely allowing them to the point of creating a law and order situation. They seem to have no respect for judiciary also.

They are the most organized caste in India with 46 per cent of the total wealth and 48 per cent of the Company Directors, in their hands. The Ambani Group,Adani group, Laxmi Mittals, Vedanta and so on are part of this community. This is the only community that has a Bank called Vysya Bank in their caste name in India.

For writing a chapter in my book called Post-Hindu India with a title called Social Smugglers, a concept I coined to capture caste cultural and economic exploitation in India, and translating it into Telugu they are attacking me. I have been fighting for reservation in the private sector for long time, as there are no jobs in the state sector at all. We are now demanding in the T-MASS (Telanga all peoples) meetings an organization formed three months ago, jobs for all the kith and kin of the lowest level soldiers serving on the borders of Pakistan, and China and also in the internal security sectors, at least one job for family in their firms, a token their nationalism, without going into MERIT Question that they have been raising all the time. At least one percent of their total profit for FARMER’ S FUND for the SURVIVAL of the dying farmers across the country. This is necessary because the States are also not in a position to protect them for paucity of funds as they themselves are saying. The Farmer Suicides are taking place all over India. This is part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

For this issuing a Middle East type of Fatwa by the Parliament member with a back up of the ruling establishments both at the state and also national level is a dangerous trend in the nation. This fatwa is issued under the nose of Telangana Government in which I am living. The Government is silent giving an impression of complicity. For last 10 days from i.e 10th Sep 2017 till date my phone gets organized phone calls with abuses and vulgar SMSs. This is only to make me mad. Everyone knows that Air Tell and Reliance companies are in their hands.

Any Intellectual who stands by the Dalitbahujans and the poor and asks for some jobs in the their private companies if gets Fatwas of killing and hanging in the streets of India by the one of the richest persons and a parliament member, the country and its very Democracy and Freedom of Speech that the constitution guaranteed will be in real danger. Perhaps I may be the first person to die like that.

In Andhra Pradesh Errachandanam (RED SANDLEWOOD) is being smuggled without trace of source of smugglers. Who knows TG.Venkatesh could be behind it? Who knows he must be behind Gauri Lankesh and Kulburgi’s shooting down? Who knows the murderers could be hiding in the massive mansions he owns in kurnool (AP) and in Hyderabad? Who will investigate when both the State Governments and Centre are behind him?


1) Why is the Telangana Government silent on this Fatwa?

2) What is Chandrababu Naidu’s Stand on this Fatwa?

3) What is the position of the Central Government headed by an OBC Prime Minister on this Fatwa?

Based on this fatwa I can seek an Asylum in any country. But I am a nationalist with reverence to Buddha and Ambedkar. I would like to live and die here only. I hope the nation responds. Though filing a case seems to have no effect but I will file a case in the local Police Station on this Fatwa soon.


Memebr T-MASS ( Telangana Masses)

Prof. Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd

Director, Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy,Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Gachibowli, Hyderabad-32

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