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Mr Elias Davidsson book “The Betrayal of India” Revisiting the 26/11 Evidence is an investigative work par excellence; it is monumental, thorough and detailed. It is free of filler and rhetoric and is rich in detail. Author has relied on primary source material that could be of immense value to any future official inquiries local or international. This is a book of highly significant achievement and is of objective importance to anyone interested in the true face of War on Terror. Mr Davidsson has adroitly exposed the patterns of deception in the War on Terror and has revealed through reasoning providing plausible evidence that the Mumbai Massacre was a false flag operation and had nothing to do with Pakistan or LeT who were promptly and persistently blamed for perpetrating this crime. A book of outstanding accomplishment where Mr Davidsson has brilliantly exposed the grotesque failures of official investigation and the judiciary, lack of transparency and deviation from laid down rules and procedures. He convincingly reveals how the real perpetrators of terror are shielded and rewarded and underscores that the War on Terror, which goes by different names in different countries but continues as a global framework for violent conflict, thrives on this fraud. In acknowledgement of  his outstanding ability as an investigator and his extraordinary ability to expose the real perpetrators of crime against humanity and above all his exceptional achievement and commitment in search of truth, he is conferred the London Institute of South Asia (LISA) Book Award 2018.

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