Indian Author Wins Prestigious International Book Award

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Noted Indian freelance journalist and human rights activist Oliver D’Souza has won the prestigious London Institute Of South Asia (LISA) Book Of The Year Award for 2011-12 for his book ‘Truth About Dalits’.


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London Institute of South Asia is a global independent think-tank that is a voice for all the oppressed people of South Asia.

London (AINS): Noted Indian freelance journalist and human rights activist Oliver D’Souza has won the prestigious London Institute Of South Asia (LISA) Book Of The Year Award for 2011-12 for his book ‘Truth About Dalits’ conferred at its Annual Seminar and Book Award ceremony held in London Aug 232012

Drawing from a short-list of global entries for the award, the award committee narrowed down on ‘Truth About Dalits’ as the winner for the award.

Commenting on the criteria for conferring the award, Saeed Ismat Director of LISA said “ Oliver D’Souza has done a commendable job writing such an analytical and unbiased book on the Dalits. The institution considers the book of great value."

“The Truth about Dalits' is an eye opener and a remarkable research work. The author has spoken the truth with no prejudice, favour or fear.”

Truth About Dalits was first published as an E book and later on as a hardback by the institute itself and has received outstanding reviews from activists, scholars, academicians and critics alike.

The earlier Indian winners of the award include renowned writers, thinkers and ideologues Dr V T Rajshekar (2005) and Dr Kancha Ilaiah (2008).

In his foreword, Dr Ilaiah said “The book 'Truth About Dalits' The book Truth About Dalits---Caste System and Unotuchability is a different kind of book that so far exists on Dalits in the market. Oliver D’Souza has collected very relevant information quite laboriously to write this book. It is a fact that the Western World is not well informed on the exploitation, suppression and oppression of Dalitbahujans in India. Nobody has written a book on caste and untouchability keeping in mind the Western readers. This is first of its kind that sets forth documented details that normally are not available at one place with very well reasoned argument about their status, predicament and struggles. Oliver’s book does that job with commendable expertise. The insertion of photographs at important places makes the book not only more creative, but makes it more readable and understandable.


Oliver D’Souza is a feeelance and web-journalist who began his career with the Press Trust Of India (PTI) in 1988 before moving on to write for various regional and national dailies and getting involved in Human and Dalit rights.


D’Souza has earlier published “Communal Crimes Against Christians In India” – the only document of its kind and is also the first journalist in the country to expose racketeering in kidney transplants and also racketeering in professional educational institutions in India. He has also been a ghost writer for two popular books. He additionally heads the Dalit Christian Research Foundation (DCRF).

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