India Hidden War / The Rise of the Red Sun

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The Maoist insurgency is spreading and intensifying in new areas. The Voltaires of India are quiet, too scared to question the carnage. The mighty Indian media controlled by corporatism has become more obsequious than Pravda or Izvestia. Icons of the press freedom like Tehilka cannot survive amid the tough commercial environment. Bigotry sells.

An Indian government assessment states that the Naxalite influence extends over nearly 92,000sq km or roughly a third of the country.

The Naxalite-Maoists, as they call themselves, are the liberators, redeemers and saviors representing the down trodden workers and landless / poor farmers who have been entangled into vicious circle of poverty, misery and wretchedness. The Indian social order and state culture treats them contemptuously without any regard for human dignity and self esteem.

Ideologically, the Naxalites are against the current Indian state. They believe that Indians have yet to win freedom from hunger and deprivation, and that the rich classes -- landlords, industrialists and traders -- control the means of production by exploiting the poor.

They therefore target all representatives of the state like politicians, the police and forest contractors. At a more local level, the Naxalites target village political functionaries and landlords and often extract protecti

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