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Imprudent Adventurism

 Even as the box of sweets is despatched to Delhi from Islamabad (by Nawaz Sharif to Modi on the occasion of Dewali), there is no let-up in military exchange of fire on the Line of Control (LOC) and now it has been extended to the Working Boundary in the Sialkot Sector. The civilian casualties on Pakistani side are high .despite the countless threats held out by Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Defence Minister Arun Jaitley keep on handing out countless threats of painful consequences and inflicting irreparable damage on   Pakistan.


What are India’s options in such a dicey situation? If the government were not to lose its credibility in front of its Hindu nationalist, the only option will be to ask the Indian Army to teach Pakistan a ‘lesson’ by attacking that country. 


Obviously, Jaitley’s smart methods of inflicting ‘pain’ do not work; nor does it look as if Pakistan is terribly impressed by Rajnath Singh’s repeated threats.


But what happens if India were to attack Pakistan? One thing for sure, it shall put to test once for all the Indian strategists longstanding claim in TV debates that Pakistan is only holding an empty ‘nuclear threat’, and we should call it's ‘nuclear bluff’. 


 Bhadrakumar a seasoned diplomat comments: But, then, just imagine if they were disproved and Pakistan does use its maximum deterrent against an Indian attack. Simply put, it is all far too horrendous even to speculate. Things are not looking good at all.  

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