Finding Report Regarding Recent Arrests in the Bangalore Blasts Case

Finding Report Regarding Recent Arrests in the Bangalore Blasts Case

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Fact-Finding Report Regarding Recent Arrests in the Bangalore Blasts Case

By People’s Human Rights Forum 07 December, 2015 Fact-Finding Report under the auspices of People’s Human Rights Forum regarding the Recent Arrest of K K Thasleem ( 34 years, Son of Abdul-Rahman, Azad Road, Kannur City ) – Brother of 27th Accused “Sharafudheen”

Members : 1. Co-ordinator - Advocate P.A. Pouran ( Gen. Secretary, PUCL, Kerala ) 2. K.P. Sasi (Documentary Filmmaker) 3. Advocate N.M. Siddique (Convener, People’s Human Rights Forum) 4. Samad Kunnakavu (State Secretary, Solidarity Youth Movement, Kerala) 5. Ruksana P. (State President, G.I.O. Kerala) 6. Nasreena K.K. (Social Activist)

Limit of Investigation

: Human Rights Violation in the arrest of K.K. Thasleem ( 34 years , Son of Abdul Rahman , Azad Road, Kannur City ) from Kannur Hamud Auto Workshop on 16.11.2015 by the Kannur Police on the direction of N.I.A .

Places Visited :

Thasleem’s House, Kannur City

People from whom evidence was collected by the Fact-finding team

: 1. Muhammed Shaheer (45 years ) – Brother of Muhammed Shameer (who was added as the 24th accused in Bangalore Blasts Case) 2. Abdul Hakm Siraj (44 years) – Partner of Thasleem’s Hamud Auto Workshop in South Bazaar, Kannur 3. Sofiya (37 years) - Sister of Thasleem and Sharafudeen 4. Raheema (46 years) - Sister of Thasleem and Sharafudeen

Muhammed Shaheer (45 years) is an owner of an Electric Shop. His brother Muhammed Shameer (who was added as the 24th accused in Bangalore Blasts Case) was a Taxi Driver. Shameer’s wife and son were with him in Dubai. He was made to reach Delhi on 25th January 2011 where he was arrested and made an accused in the Bangalore Blast Case. Shaheer told that this recent arrests was a part of complicating and making complex the investigations in the Bangalore Blast Case which is now in the final phase. Muhammed Shaheer explained to the Fact-Finding Team that the Police had called and threatened him after the arrest of Thasleem. The Fact-Finding Team has got credible evidence which points to recent arrests being a part of diverting the Ma’dani Case. By crediting Thadiyanvida Nazeer with some new disclosures and making use of Criminal Procedure Act No. 173(8), witness evidences were recorded as a part of further investigations. Further, steps are being taken to arrest innocent people and charge them under U.A.P.A. so as to drag the case as much as possible.

Abdul Hakm Siraj (44 years) has been a partner of Thasleem’s Hamud Auto Workshop in South Bazaar, Kannur for the past 4 years. He has only good things and comments to say about Thasleem when asked about him. Thasleem was taken into custody from his workshop on the evening of November 16th around 7 PM. Thasleem was taken to Ernakulam on November 17th. Thasleem has a wife and two children. After the arrest of Thasleem, Abdul Hakm Siraj had gone to meet MoideenKutty, DySP. He came to know that I.B had interrogated Thasleem. He also heard that they had charged him under U.A.P.A. Abdul Hakm Siraj told that Thasleem’s arrest was a part of giving a new twist and angle to the Bangalore blast Case and to make it live.

Sofiya and Raheema are sisters of Sharafudeen and Thasleem. Sofiya told us that they have been living in Azad Road, Kannur City for the past 16 years. Raheema also spoke to us. They told that their father passed away long back. Their mother passed away 2 years back due to mental agony following Sharafudeen’s arrest. Thasleem has less contact with the society. Police told that they arrested Thasleem due to his number being on the mobile phone of arrested Perumbavoor resident Shahanas. Thasleem used to sometimes go to Bangalore to buy medicines for Sharafudeen who suffered paralysis earlier in jail and also for the court-case proceedings. The Police have never come searching for Thasleem earlier. On afternoon of November 16th, Thasleem came home for lunch and left. Afterwards, they could not contact Thasleem on phone. They came to know of Thasleem’s arrest in the 10’ o clock news. Police conducted a raid on November 17th at 5 PM. They searched his books. They did not get any evidence nor did they take anything in writing from them. It was Thasleem who used to look after the house after the arrest of Sharafudeen.

Following are the findings and conclusion of the Fact-Finding Team :

1. There are suspicions behind the taking into custody of Thasleem and the recording of his arrest thereafter.

2. In the arrest of Thasleem, the criteria and liberties suggested by the Supreme Court in “The DK Basu vs State of West Bengal Case” has been completely disobeyed and not followed.

3. Because of the use of the draconian U.A.P.A. Law, the Governing Authorities are trying to create a political situation which is worse than that during the Emergency period.

4. The Police is acting as an agent of the Governing Authorities to silence those who speak up against the fascist Corporatisation which they are trying to implement quickly.

5. The Fact Finding team publicly states that the Police are now trying to invent new cases and cook up new stories at this moment when the Bangalore Blast Case is reaching its conclusion, and all the witnesses who were interrogated spoke against the Prosecution, and the Prosecution’s Case had become very feeble. Adv. P A Pouran K P Sasi Adv. N. M Siddique Samad Kunnakavu Ruksana P Nasreena K K

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