FACT SHEET: India Government - Nepal Government Relations

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  • India tried to stop the Nepalese government from constructing a road (Kodari Highway) that linked Nepal and Tibet. Even now Nepal cannot make big decisions without taking prior approval from the BIG BROTHER.
  • India has so far imposed three unofficial blockades to force its will on Nepal. Read Unofficial blockade
  • India has hindered development of big hydro-electric projects, again for its own benefits.
  • In the 1970s Indira Gandhi was hatching plans with RAW to grab the Terai-Madhes region. She was killed and the plan never saw the light of the day. Read Peoples Review Weekly - 'Unmaking Nepal' through Madhesh!
  • India is constantly meddling in the internal affairs of Nepal. It is believed that RAW has 20,000 people including top bureaucrats, politicians on its payroll. Read How the RAW operates as an invisible force in Nepali politics
  • India has encroached Nepalese land at 58 different places alongside the Nepal-India border. Read Indian Encroachment Threatening Nepal's Sovereignty
  • Everybody in Nepal knows that INDIA collaborated (to be precise, Indian army) with BHUTAN (to be precise, the king of Bhutan) to kick-out more than one hundred thousand Nepali speaking people, also called Lotsampa. Indian army trucks ferried and dumped them near the Nepalese border. And, whenever they tried to return to their country, every-time INDIA prevented it. And, what India got from it- a monopoly over the Bhutanese water resource. Read The Enigma of Bhutan
  • The Indian ambassador in Kathmandu is so much visible that even a common Nepali knows that he is cooking things.
  • Bollywood movies portray Nepalis as a stupid Bahadur and 'funnily' their surname is always Thapa. It ain't funny guys
  • The northern neighbor is always silent and gentlemanly and treats us as an equal counterpart, while our southern brother is very patronizing and protective of us. So much protective that it had stationed military along Nepal-China border at 19 different locations in the early sixties. Read Indian Military Check-post in Northern Frontier of Nepal
  • Last but not the least, why don't you guys acknowledge that BUDDHA WAS BORN IN NEPAL. We haven't said that he was enlightened here.

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