Fact Sheet Balochistan

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There are more Baloch living in Sindh and Punjab than in so called Balochistan. This fact also needs to be widely circulated to ignorant people, which now include US Congress also.

The original Balochistan comprised the 4 states of Brahuis/Baloch known as Turan till 1700 AD. In 1754, Ahmad Shah Durrani, king of Afghanistan, named a man Nasir Khan, who was a Brahui, KHAN OF KALAT and allowed him to rule, basically Kalat area. Later other Brahui/Baloch sardarswere also brought under control. In 1854, all these 4 states went under British suzerainty through a pact for Rs. 50,000 a year. In 1896, the British who had captured Afghanistan in 1876, carved out a part by drawing Durand Line, took over Marri Bugti areas, Sindh down to Jacobabad, named it British Balochistan and ruled it directly through a Agent to Governor General as a Commisionerate. The Baloch/Brahui states were allowed to be run as a loose federation by the Khan of Kalat, with a British Major as Resident in Kalat. The Western Boundary of these states with Iran was also marked by the British and Persia made to accept. Some coastal area stayed under Sultan of Muscat. This and the border with Iran were revised during Pres Ayub Khan's rule.

In 1947, Old Balochistan was designated as Kalat Division and the British Balochistan wherePashtun lived and was under the British and a part of Sindh, were designated as Quetta Division, and ruled as part of West Pakistan.

The present day Balochistan came into being in 1970 with demolishing of One Unit. The Quetta andKalat Divisions were merged to name them, of course wrongly, Balochistan.

To judge the sparse population, please remember while the area of Old Balochistan was huge, some 200,000 sq Km, population in 1854 estimated by the British, of old Balochistan was 254,000only.

Today, population of old and British Balochistan merged with a sliver of SindhNasirabad, collectively, are about 7 million.

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