Ex-Indian SC judge Markandey Katju in trouble for praising...

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NEW DELHI: Former Indian Supreme Court Judge, Justice Markandey Katju is receiving threats and being asked to migrate to Pakistan by Hindu extremists for praising Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. In a Tweet on Saturday, Markandey Katju also praised Pakistani nation for showing maturity and cool temperament. He tweeted, “When I called Pakistan a fake, artificial country, not a single Pakistani abused me.”

Katju added “But when I praised Imran Khan, dozens of Indians abused me, calling me senile, traitor, mad and what not, and telling me to migrate to Pakistan.”

“Now who has more maturity?”, the ex-judge questioned.

Katju on February 28, after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s address to nation, had said, “I was earlier a critic of Imran Khan, but after the wise and restrained speech he gave on TV I have become his admirer.”

Also, in his Facebook post today, justice Markandey lauded PM Imran Khan, saying Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s offer to cooperate with the Indian government in any kind of investigation into Pulwama attack is reasonable and his offer for talks instead of jingoistic sabre rattling, as is being done by many Indian politicians, has proved his maturity, sagacity and statesmanship.

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