Baloch Separatist Defector Exposes Europe’s Double Standards to Terrorism

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Dr. Jumma Khan Marri defected from the Baloch separatists earlier this year and has since then been exposing the double-dealing treachery of these groups and their foreign supporters.

The Pakistani Embassy in Moscow hosted a Pakistan Day celebration on 23 March which saw the participation of Dr. Jumma Khan Marri for the first time since his defectionfrom the Baloch separatist movement the month before, where he raised important questions about the support that these groups receive from abroad when he was speaking with the media. The man who was at one time such a leading proponent of this movement that he even designed the separatist flag that’s still in use today spared no punches in pointing out the following “politically inconvenient” truths:

“How come terrorists like Brahamdagh Bugti, Hyrbyair Marri and Mehran Marri are allowed to run their organisations like BRA, BLA and UBA from UK and Switzerland? Why is international media quiet on these so-called Baloch leaders who are carrying out terrorist activities in Pakistan while enjoying a luxurious life in Europe?” The Pakistani patriot was referring to the presence of these three prominent Baloch separatist-terrorists in Europe in spite of the continent’s supposedly “zero-tolerance” approach towards terrorism, which was never anything more than an empty slogan but is now undoubtedly proven to have been a lie all along. Brahumdagh Bugti, the young founder and leader of the “Baloch Republic Party”, had earlier applied for political asylum in Switzerland but embarrassingly had his request denied late last year because of his ties with “incidents of terrorism, violence and militant activities”.

Ex-Baloch Nationalist Leader Dr Jumma Khan Marri (left) attended Pakistan Day gathering , hosted by Pakistan Embassy in Moscow, March 23, 2018

Reports have since circulated that he’s now trying his luck in India, which previously sent high-level RAW operative Kalbhushan Jadhav to Balochistan to organize terrorist attacks as part of the Hybrid War on CPEC, a crime that he even admitted to and received a yet-to-be-executed death sentence for. Besides Bugti basing his operations out of Europe, “Baloch Liberation Army” leader Hyrbyair Marri successfully received political asylum in the UK in 2011, which proudly hosts him and “United Baloch Army” leader Mehran Marri. To Switzerland’s credit, it enforced a lifetime entrance ban on Mehran because of his proven links to terrorism, showing that the country’s traditional “neutrality” doesn’t equate to hosting all terrorists just for the sake of being “balanced”, even if it’s still friendly towards some. Nevertheless, other countries such as the UK are taking a much more partisan approach towards this issue, which is problematic for their soft power. President Assad famously said that “terrorism is like a scorpion, if you put it in your pocket, it will sting you”, and while it’s unlikely that the Baloch terrorists based in the UK and elsewhere in Europe will take up arms against their new hosts and start killing civilians like they do in Pakistan, the very fact that they’re openly walking around there and not in custody speaks to the double standards that the West has towards terrorism, and it’s this soft power revelation which might be the most damaging to them with time.

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