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An Open Letter To Rashtriya Muslim Manch Of RSS On Its Plan To Hoist Tricolour At Madrasaas

  0 comments   |     by Communal Harmony - by Shamsul Islam

As per press reports Rashtriya Muslim Manch is to hoist National Flag; the Tricolour at some madrasaas across the country on Independence Day. Since your organization, a creation of RSS, has taken a unilateral decision we would like to ask few related questions.

  • Before taking up the task of hoisting our National Flag on madrasaas you must prove your credentials regarding loyalty to the National Flag. Please refresh our memories about the fact that when & where during the freedom struggle RSS and its ally Hindu Mahasabha raised Tricolour against the British rule. Please produce ONE ONLY ONE instance when your Godfather RSS displayed the National Flag during the freedom struggle. You may not know that Tricolour was declared to be a National Flag in December 1929 but RSS and its ally Hindu Mahasabha never accepted as National Flag. Have do you respond to it?
  • In December 1929 Congress under Gandhiji’s leadership at its Lahore session adopted Tricolour as National Flag and called upon all patriotic Indians to unfurl it on each August 30th. But both the RSS under the leadership of Dr. Hedgewar and Hindu Mahasabha under the leadership of Savarkar refused to accept it as National Flag and continued hoisting bhagwa flag. The reason was that anti-freedom struggle Hindutva organizations did not believe that India belonged to people of all the religions. According to them it was for Hindus only and only a Hindu flag or bhagwa dhawajcould be unfurled.Is this description wrong?
  • When during the Quit India Movement in 1942, freedom fighters,which included large number of Muslims, came out on streets with the Tricolour hundreds of them were shot dead by the armed forces of the British & Native rulers. At that time RSS, Hindu Mahasabha in league with the Muslim League supported the massacre of freedom fighters. They pitched saffron flag against the Tricolour of the united struggle. RSS shamelessly continued to insult the Tricolour throughout the freedom struggle.
  • The RSS English mouthpiece ORGANIZER demeaning the choice of the National Flag just on the eve of Independence (14 August 1947) wrote: “The people who have come to power by the kick of fate may give in our hands the Tricolour but it never be respected and owned by Hindus. The word three is in itself an evil, and a flag having three colours will certainly produce a very bad psychological effect and is injurious to a country.”

in Communal Harmony — by Shamsul Islam — August 11, 2016

 Please tell us when did you change your opinion?

(5) Your organization is part of an anti-national organization which never-never respected the Tricolour but as its stooges you want to hoist Tricolour at madrasaas. You are not planning to hoist National Flag at Hindu/Sikh/Christian/Buddhist religious schools but aretargetting only madrasaas.  Your sinister plot is part of RSS nasty plan of doubting loyalty of Muslims to India. Your Guru Golwalkar declared Muslims of India to be ENEMY NUMBER ONE. What have you to say on this issue?
(6) Since RSS was never part of the freedom struggle it is not familiar with the unparalleled, great and heroic deeds of madarsaas, its Moulvies and students during anti-colonial freedom struggle.Whether it was Great Liberation Struggle of 1857 or later century long anti-colonial struggle these were madarsaas which were centres of revolt. Hundreds of madrasaas were burnt/destroyed and thousands of Moulvies and students with their Hindu-Sikh companions were hanged or killed by the British masters. In fact, Cellular Jail was established by the British rulers to accommodate hundreds of Moulvies who had participated in the 1857 revolt and Wahabi Movement.
Lastly, we would like to tell you that Tricolour has been a symbol of unity in diversity of India. You are trying to use it for your nefarious polarizing game of isolating Muslims who made enormous sacrifices for India. You want Tricolour for madrasaas but bhagwa jhanda for Hindus. But people of this country of all religions will never let you undo the great heritage of the freedom struggle.
Shamsul Islam  is a retired Professor of University of Delhi.Email:

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