America’s Apocalypse

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America’s Whoops Apocalypse Is Just Not Cricket

Declan Hayes Writing in Strategic culture


Whereas football and boxing are washing criminals whiter than white, cricket, if Pakistan’s Imran Khan is our metric, is not stepping up to NATO’s plate. From a sporting point of view, that is odd as India and Pakistan do not have sporting heroes; they have cricketing gods, such is their fanaticism to that sport of Empire. And cricket gods do not come any bigger in Pakistan than Imran Khan, its recently deposed Premier, who famously led Pakistan to its first and only cricket World Cup triumph in 1992.

America’s Imran Khan dilemma is straight out of an Indian Bollywood movie. Khan, the protagonist (or antagonist if you are an American stooge), is an Oxbridge educated cricketing maestro, who is universally revered in Pakistan because of his cricketing prowess, his movie-star looks, his philanthropy, his honesty and his patriotism, all of which have helped him forge mutually beneficial relations between Pakistan and India, China and Russia. Khan overcame both Pakistan’s COVID-19 crisis and its institutionalized corruption, all while forging closer alliances with Beijing and Moscow, solidifying the Afghan peace process, and building up Pakistan’s foreign reserves to almost $20 billion. Khan, it seems, was a better politician than he was a cricketer and that is really saying something.

Although an Imran Khan blockbuster would be a Bollywood home run, the entire CIA apparatus has transformed this hero into a Hollywood cut out villain, up there with Dracula, Asma Assad and Putin. The problem, as ever, for the CIA, is that Shazbah Sharif, their money laundering Pakistani puppet, is regarded by all sentient Pakistanis as being as corrupt as any of Zelensky’s Ukrainian oligarchs. Because Pakistan, no stranger to massive protests, has never before seen anything like the huge crowds protesting in favor of Khan, the Yanks are in a pickle.

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