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Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon presented and documented ITEM 4 at a general debate at UN Human Rights Council

32nd Session United Nations Human Rights Council

Centre for Human Rights and Peace Advocacy ITEM 4 General Debate

Presenter: Awatar Singh Sekhon

Mr President

I am speaking on behalf of my organization to inform you the religious desecration and, destruction of the historical Gurdwaras in India since 15th August, 1947; the day the British India Empire granted freedom to the British India Empire. Since then, hardly any day has passed by when the Sikhs and minorities’ places of worship are not desecrated. And gross violations of human rights and dehumanization are the order of the day, to say the least.

Mr President,

The Darbar Sahib Complex (mistakenly known as the Golden Temple Complex), Amritsar, Punjab is under the 'occupation' of the South Asia's largest democracy, India. An 'undeclared' war in term of 'genocide of Sikhs' had been imposed on the Sikhs and non-Sikhs of Punjab, which claimed the lives of more 100,000 innocent Sikhs. Sikh youth had been killed at the point blank when they asked for a drink of water. The Sikhs had been the political masters of their Sikh state, Punjab, 1799- 1849. The Hon. Rajnath Singh, Narendra Damodar Modi's cabinet minister, has rightfully said that "it was not massacre of Sikhs; rather, it was the "genocide of Sikhs (26th December, 2014 NDTV 24/7)."

Mr President,

The desecration and bulldozing of the Historical Ayodhya Mosque and numerous other places like churches, Buddhist Vihar, etc., had been the targets of the largest democracy, India, since 1984. Mr President, It is requested to this august Council and the members of the UN:HRC that another High Power delegation should be sent to assess the real situation of Punjab and other suffering states as well. I thank you, Sir


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