“Human Rights in South Asia: Issues and Challenges” Introduction to the panel of speakers and their subjects

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London Institute of South Asia is holding a seminar on

“Human Rights in South Asia: Issues and Challenges”

Friday, 30 June 2017


Introduction to the panel of speakers and their subjects

1. Soraya Boyd : Kashmir and Human rights

Soraya Boyd is the founder of Facilitate Global, a London based human rights NGO. Facilitate Global  believes in One Rule Law for all- Promoting and Protecting Human Rights for all- Serving Humanity through Dialogue and Friendship.

She is an Independent Non-Profit Organization Management Professional:  a language teacher and writer whose work has been published in several media organisations and other NGOs.

Soraya Boyd was a director at Palestine Trauma Centre (UK)

2. Robert Gallimore: Rights of Indigenous and Tribal people

 Educated at London School of Economics, Kings College London and Oxford university. A young veteran of war in Iraq and Afghanistan where he served 2 and 4 tours respectively. He is a decorated soldier, a keen researcher, author and documentary maker. He has travelled in search of truth and documented it. He has produced one of the finest documentaries on Pakistan

Two books  ‘Harrikat’ on his experience of fighting in Afghanistan  and  ‘The Leapord the other side of the Mountain’ about Pakistan’s fight against Taliban shall be published  this year.

3. Dr Camelia Bogdan: Crimes against Women and Lower Caste people in India and South  Asia

She has done her doctorate in Asset Recovery and Anti Money Laundering from Strasbourg and Bucharest University in 2009. She is a visiting Research Fellow at Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London.

She is a judge at Bucharest Court of Appeal

4.  Clive Hambidge: Water Issues in South Asia and Human Rights

 Director of Human Development, Facilitate Global and a   columnist at’ Media with Conscience.’ Artist, writer, activist, lover of humanity, friend to truth, enemy to injustice. He is an ardent supporter of Palestinian cause; in fact he is against cruelty to any military occupation anywhere. He is stands for self determination and a supporter of Dalits cause in India.

5.  Nick Fielding: Interstate Rivalries and consequences for Human Rights

Nick Fielding is a journalist and author. He has some remarkable accomplishment in investigative journalism. He has worked for the Sunday Times, the Mail on Sunday and the Independent. He is the author, together with Yosri Fouda, of Masterminds of Terror, (Mainstream, 2003) , which contains the only interviews ever given by Khalid Shiekh Mohammed and his co-conspirator Ramzi Binalshibh

At the MoS he broke the story of the renegade MI5 officer David Shayler, and for the Sunday Times he covered the story of Richard Tomlinson, a MI6 whistleblower (Fielding is the author of the introduction to Tomlinson's book The Big Breach).

Fielding exposed the use of child labour in Bangladesh and India. .Tory minister Michael Mates was forced to resign after Fielding revealed he had given fugitive financier Asil Nadir an inscribed watch.

Saeed Ismat:  Nick Fielding could not turn up and Saeed Ismat spoke

Saeed Ismat is a Sandhurst graduate who has been a soldier and a diplomat of repute. He was Pakistan’s first Ambassador to Baku Azerbaijan. He is a writer and editor of LISA Journal. Currently he is the Chairman of London Institute of South Asia: an independent think tank that is registered as charity at the Charity Commission UK