At UN, Pakistan demands immediate cessation of illegal drone strikes

UNITED NATIONS: Pakistan on Saturday demanded an immediate cessation of drone strikes in its territory at United Nation terming it a violation of "territorial integrity and sovereignty of states". Pakistan's Permanent Representative to United Nations (UN) Dr Maleeha Lodhi told the UN General Assembly that the extraterritorial use of armed drones or remotely-piloted aircraft is a violation of international and humanitarian laws. Dr Lodhi highlighted recognition by member states of the notion that counter-terrorism measures violating territorial integrity and sovereignty of states can be counterproductive and also fuel violent extremism.

Last month, Pakistan urged the UN Human Rights Council to respond to loss of lives, human rights violations and breach of its territorial sovereignty because of drone attacks. Speaking at a meeting of the council in Geneva, Pakistan’s permanent representative Tehmina Janjua had pointed out that the drone strikes were also a violation of the UN charter and international law, including human rights and humanitarian law. Janjua had asked the international community and the HR Council to take notice of human rights violations taking place as a result of illegal drone strikes in the country. Note: US drone strikes in Pakistan see 631pc increase under Obama