Kashmir dispute poses serious threat to regional peace, stability: Manzoor

Peshawar, Oct 22 (KMS): Former Ambassador of Pakistan Manzoorul Haq has said that Kashmir dispute had posed a serious threat to regional peace and urged the United Nations and International Community to play their due role in its resolution.

Talking to APP, the former ambassador said that the Modi’s fascist policies had put the peace of entire South Asia at stake.

He said revoking special status of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) was completely illegal move of the Modi’s government and violation of all the resolutions passed by the United Nations Security Council on this conflict. He said that India had imposed worst restrictions to suppress the voice of peaceful Kashmiris whereas women and children had suffered much due to prolonged curfew and lockdown.

He said that legal paradigms of IIOJK were completely changed due the abrogation of Article 370 on August 05, last year and the life of people was made miserable. The abrogation of the 370 would change demography of IIOJK as now every non IIOJK domiciled Indians could also purchase land in the held valley. Thus, he added that this illegal move was tantamount to converting Kashmiris into minorities in future.

He said that the illegal annexation of IIOJK was part of hegemonic policies of the Modi government which had put the peace of South Asia at stake. He urged the world community especially the UN to take notice of the gross human rights violations and extra judicial killings in the occupied valley. He said the road to peace in South Asia was passing through Kashmir and lasting peace in the Sub-Continent could not be established unless a solution of this core issue between the two nuclear armed countries.

Ambassador Manzoor said that Kashmir was the unfinished agenda of the partition plan of Pakistan and India, adding it was India that took up the Kashmir issue to the UN and later back peddled on its commitments and promises. Ambassador Manzoor said hundreds of thousands of children were passing through mental agony in IIOJK since August 05, 2019 as a result of inhumane treatment by Indian occupying forces. The military siege had been imposed on some ten million Kashmiris in IIOJK and the suppressed innocent Kashmiris continue to face gross human rights violations and atrocities at the hands of 700,000 Indian armed forces deployed in the valley.

He said that India could not hide its atrocities and human rights abuses by imposing media blackouts as it was the age of communication and digital media and nothing can be hidden from the eyes of people. He said that even pro India Kashmiri leadership had deplored the Modi’s government illegal act of annexation of IIOJK besides international human rights organizations. Ambassador Manzoor said that Kashmir was a disputed territory and any mischief could jeopardize peace of the entire region and its repercussions would be beyond comprehension.

For a meaningful dialogue on Kashmir between Pakistan and India, he said it was necessary that India to withdraw all the illegal actions including the one on August 05, 2019 and restore the special status of IIOJK.

He said war was not a solution to the Kashmir issue as the neighbors had already fought four wars on it and the dispute was still lingering on. He said any solution without involvement of Kashmir leadership would be unproductive. He said there were many religio-political parties in IIOJK and they should have to come on one point to achieve freedom from Indian yoke. He said that it was the responsibility of the UN to implement its resolutions on Kashmir by giving the right of self determination to the oppressed Kashmiris of the IIOJK.