Boris urged to talk Held Kashmir abuses with Modi

LONDON: MP Debbie Abrahams of the All Party Parliamentary Kashmir Group has raised concerns about human rights violations, revocation of special status and illegal detentions in Indian held Kashmir in an official letter to UK PM Boris Johnson.

MP Debbie Abrahams in her letter said that the Group consists of parliamentarians from all faiths and Kashmiri Indian and Pakistani heritage. Our focus has been on promoting human rights across all parts of Kashmir.She said: “While I fully support your endeavours to strengthen international relations which support jobs and investment across the UK I need to make you aware of the strongly held views parliamentarians of all political parties have regarding the primacy of human rights and that these cannot be compromised in any trade deal.

The Group is particularly concerned about escalating violence across Indian administered Kashmir (particularly Jammu and Kashmir) and most recently at the Line of Control.“I am sure you will agree with me that for the world s largest democracy to be reported to be behaving in these ways is very alarming. “Given our key role in the international community we believe it is essential that you and the government more widely raise these very serious concerns directly in your on-going discussions with Prime Minister Modi and his government.

I also repeat the concerns raised by Group members that the protection of fundamental human rights must not be traded for economic gain and would like your reassurance that any trade deal will make this explicit. As the UK government embarks on a year for Global Britain on the world stage, it is essential that we set out our stall with the rule of law and human rights at its heart. “I draw your attention to the warning that your own High Commission in Pakistan made to the Groupdelegation in February 2020 and which I reported to Lord Ahmad the escalating tensions between India and Pakistan both nuclear powers makes Kashmir the number one security concern in the world. The recent conflict between India and China adds to this. I urge you to raise these matters with Prime Minister Modi in your ongoing discussions and when you visit India.”