Won’t let anyone play proxies in Pakistan

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Islamabad - With India’s renewed rage against Pakistan over China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and elections in Gilgit-Baltistan, Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif reiterated on Wednesday that Kashmir is an unfinished agenda of partition and Pakistan and Kashmir are inseparable.

While we wish peace and stability in the region, we want a just resolution for Kashmir in the light of UN resolutions and as per aspirations of Kashmiris to bring lasting peace in region,” General Raheel said while addressing participants of a course at the National Defence University (NDU) Islamabad.

Army chief warned that Pakistan will not allow any country to use proxies against it, adding “Pakistan is opposed to using proxies in other countries and won’t allow any country to use proxies against Pakistan… We are fully determined and capable of defeating nefarious designs of the enemies.

Echoing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s statement, General Raheel said the country’s enemies are supporting terrorism to destabilise Pakistan.
“Contours of future wars are fast changing.
Our enemies are supporting terrorism to stoke sub-conventional conflicts and destabilise our country,” he said.

Referring to achievements made in Zarb-e-Azb operation, the army chief said the successes in the operation have created space for decisive surge against terrorists in urban areas.
He said enhanced civil-military coordination has become even more critical to achieve final success in the war on terror.
Gen Raheel also stressed the need for enhanced civil-military coordination.
“Enhanced civil-military coordination has become even more critical to achieve a successful closure,” he added.

The army chief’s statement comes a day after Premier Nawaz Sharif said the May 29 methodical slaying of 20-odd Pashtuns in the restive Mastung district was an abortive attempt by the ‘enemies of Pakistan’ to sow ethnic discord in Balochistan where hostile foreign agencies have been stoking violence to further their nefarious designs.

“The enemy wants to sabotage the multibillion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project.
A neighbouring country (India) has already voiced its reservations,” he told an all-party conference (APC) at the Governor House in Quetta.
The session was convened to devise a strategy to tackle internal and external security challenges in the volatile province.

Islamabad has recently voiced its concern that Indian spy agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is whipping up terrorism in Pakistan.
Pakistan has desired to resolve all outstanding issues including Kashmir through talks since the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif came into power.

Contrary to Islamabad’s desire and good will gestures, New Delhi is reluctant to resume peace talks.
All the major powers including the United States and China have been advising the South Asian nuclear neighbours to resolve their bilateral disputes through peaceful means.

But BJP government of Prime Minister Nerendra Modi has been showing cold shoulder to Pakistan’s gestures for resumption of bilateral talks, and instead followed such steps that could undermine Pakistan’s national interest.
India’s frequent unprovoked firing across the Line of Control (LoC) was to distract Pakistan’s ongoing military operation Zar-e-Azb against terrorists in which it made remarkable achievements.

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