The Great Martyr Bhagat Singh Is A Persona Non Grata For RSS Haryana Rulers

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The Great Martyr Bhagat Singh Is A Persona Non Grata For RSS Haryana Rulers

By Shamsul Islam

The BJP/RSS rulers are once again out to insult and denigrate the heritage of the great anti-colonial freedom struggle of the people of India. Haryana government led by a die hard RSS pracharak, ML Khattar has rescinded Haryana state assembly's earlier unanimous resolution to name Chandigarh airport after the name of great martyr, Bhagat Singh and instead decided to name it after Mangal Sein—one time RSS prachark of Haryana

. According to senior Punjab journalist Baljit Balli, this shows the real attitude of RSS/BJP for Bhagat Singh and other revolutionaries, whose name they use day and night to hit at their political adversaries!But now cat is out of bag- their love for Bhagat Singh stands exposed and they heap insults on Bhagat Singh and all revolutionaries of freedom struggle. Baljit Balli hoped that people of India, especially youth of the country will not allow the BJP/RSS rulers heap insults on their supreme hero. He lamented the fact that mainstream media has deliberately suppressed the sensational decision of Haryana government, without taking even state assembly into confidence which passed unanimous resolution in this regard in the past.

But if we know the history of RSS this despicable action on the part of RSS rulers should not surprise anybody. This gang in league with the Hindu Mahasabha not only opposed united freedom struggle against the British rulers but ran coalition governments with the Muslim League in Bengal, Sind and NWFP during Quit India Movement of 1942 when the British rulers had put a blanket ban on any anti-government political activity. During this period whole of the country was turned into a jail and thousands of freedom fighters were shot and maimed.

The ruthless colonial masters, the British hanged Bhagat Singh and his comrades on March 23, 1931 but the Hindutva criminals are not second to the former British rulers. They continue to hang Bhagat Singh again and again. Inimical to his revolutionary ideas this Hindutva gang is scared of his name even. It does not surprise us. The most prominent ideologue of the RSS, Guru Golwalkar decried the whole tradition of martyrs. Bunch of Thoughts, the collection of writings of MS Golwalkar has a chapter, ‘Martyr, Great But Not Ideal’ in which he decries the whole tradition of martyrs because they did not succeed in their goals. According to him 'Bhartiya culture' [which surely means RSS culture] does not adore and idealize martyrdom.

He brazenly denigrates martyrs in the following words: "Have we ever idealised those who were a failure in achieving life's goal? No, never. Our tradition has taught us to adore and worship only those who have proved fully successful in their life-mission. A slave of circumstances has never been our ideal." [M.S. Golwalkar, Bunch of Thoughts, Sahitya Sindhu, Bangalore, 1996, p 282]

He goes on to philosophise: "There is no doubt that such man who embrace martyrdom are great heroes and their philosophy too is pre-eminently manly. They are far above the average men who meekly submit to fate and remain in fear and inaction. All the same, such persons are not held up as ideals in our society. We have not looked upon their martyrdom as the highest point of greatness to which men should aspire. For, after all, they failed in achieving their ideal, and failure implies some fatal flaw in them. [[M.S. Golwalkar, Bunch of Thoughts, Sahitya Sindhu, Bangalore, 1996, p 283]

This also must be the reason that RSS produced no freedom fighters what to talk of a martyr during the anti-colonial struggle in which thousands like Bhagat Singh, Chandershekhar Azad, Ashfaqullah Khan, Ram Prasad Bismil, Rajendra Lahiri and Udham Singh laid down their lives for the freedom of India. Shamsul Islam is a retired Professor of University of Delhi.Email:

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