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Sri Lanka: Ranil’s Dream And The Delusional Opposition by Nilantha Ilangamuwa Arresting of an intelligence officer attached to Sri Lanka Army over the murder of late Lasantha Wickramatunge has sparked questions about the underworld of the state, and questioned the very ruling elements of the government. The investigation of this blatantly committed daylight murder has turned into yet another all-consuming matter in the political arena. Flies are around, bugs are moving, state resources is bee-robbing, opportunists are slandering and plundering, as some portions of the government are changing the old mantras. From public education to health and public transport, the situation is worse than before. Meanwhile, reliable sources say, that the person who was arrested has nothing to do with the assassination of the slain journo. However, it is not our business to make judgment on what we have heard and what we have seen on the media unless and until justice from an impartial court has been delivered. Like other cases, this incident too is proving the fragile, shivery, unsound, feeble nature of all state agencies including the judiciary. There is no meaning to lauding against the supposed involvement of foreign judges in the judiciary in this country if we can’t prove and provide substantive account that our judiciary is impartial and independent. It is not as if someone who comes from the sky is urging the necessity but the people in general, are lamenting for righteous rule in return for their votes of faith. However, the most salient issue here is, not why and how the slain journalist was killed. It is, in fact, the duty of the investigators who are getting payment from out of taxes by our countrymen from their hard earned income. The issue is before us, despite engaging in a new form of an investigative gamble, which is nothing more than naming and shaming. What have the officials responsible for the state and government done and/or are doing to find the true culprits and when would the justice be upheld? That is indeed meaningless and dangerous to expose any details of the suspects who were arrested after or before the investigation. When it comes to intelligence agencies the situation is that they have to deal with greater causes than many other agencies. If not, it could possibly lead to disaster for the country. The country’s history is the witness. But, unfortunately, it has been a pattern in this country, for each government to attempt to convince the people, that it is the way of “justice”. In the case of exposing each and every detail of what the Criminal Investigation Division found on suspects will lead to nowhere except to create a pathetic and crummy situation of tit for tat. Most of the criminal investigation reports published by the media in detail are indicating that those officers engaged in the matter were extremely busy in talking with their sources to get the final report published quickly. If the situation continues, the Prime Minister’s dream to continue the administration for next five years may be facing the axe by the wave within the administration. There is no doubt that the ruling “hybrid” governmental administration is still looking into the crystal ball. That does not mean that the power is indefinite or their conclusions are always of absolutely correct. The government is blessed mainly because of the delusional policies and strategies of the “joint opposition”. In the present contest, the country doesn’t have the opposition but a gathering of few confused politicians who were guilty themselves. Dreaming of taking millions of people to Colombo for protest against the government is a senseless political strategy. But, the former secretary of the Defence Ministry, Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s engagement is much more advanced than the delusional joint opposition’s. He could be the only person who is absolute opponent of the present ruling government trying to learn from past mistakes. Arresting the former Secretary will not be the solution as there are significant political implications. But monitoring, gathering, assessing and analyzing the movement he is instigating would be important. If the government arrested him to teach a lesson, it will be a golden opportunity for him to escalate his political career which is not yet established in the country. In this situation, the most important task of the statesmen or stateswomen is to take the country back to the administrative rules and principles. However, unfortunately, the fundamental changes within the administration are yet to be implemented. It is amusing to read the answers by the Secretary of Defence Mr Hettiarachchi in a recent interview to a local print newspaper. Those answers show that he is not capable managing this important portfolio of this country. While talking about the Islamic State (IS), the notorious, wicked and diabolical terror outfit, he has urged media to not highlight domestic threats. It is time to find a person who knows the subject and the country’s necessities, rather than following the old cold war theory of hunting the hunters for political advantages. It is widely accepted that like most of other state institutions, the Ministry of Defence also requires to implement corrective actions to repair the damage that has been caused over the years to its Administrative pathway. The era of internal insurgency is over, now, the new mode of security issues are bee-popping before us. Preparing arms for the expected is no longer relevant when the unexpected rule the world. Sri Lanka as an island nation, has defence as the most important area of concern, and this subject should be handled by someone who knows the importance of maritime affairs and other related influences; Someone who has not robbed the state resources and abused his profession; Someone who is well learned and respected; Someone who has not compromised on the principles required to serve the Public. A successful leader needs not only personal skills but also the competence to recruit and manage the Administrative system relating to his portfolio. Otherwise, Uncle Sam’s dream, Dragon’s Dream or Singaporean dream to “help” in this country will produce rotten eggs. To let others dream for us is indeed beautiful and lovely, but we as a sovereign nation should not be delirious to be satisfied with shaking hands and getting bear hugs on red carpets. Nilantha Ilangamuwa edits the Sri Lanka Guardian, an online daily newspaper, and he also an editor of the Torture: Asian and Global Perspectives, bi-monthly print magazine. He is the author of the just released non-fictions, “Nagna Balaya” (The Naked Power), in Sinhalese and “The Conflation”, in English. He can be reached at

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