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Underage girl killed by the bullet of Indian Soldiers in attempt to crossing border; Why our media remains silent over these killings???

                 Some political analysts and journalists have been boasting of policies of Haseena Wajid Bangladeshi Prime Minister, her exemplary good governance and peace, due to which Bangladeshi economy is developing by leaps and bounds that, will change the fate of Bangladeshi people However, the news and reports published in the international  media are quite different to the stories of changing fates of the Bangladeshi people according to which Bangladesh has proved to be a heaven for investors in Ready Made Garments sector due to cheapest labour in the world  but where in the name of labour bounded work is being taken from poor. Most of the workers of this industry consists of women whom average monthly income is ten times lower than average income of Asian workers which can provide a meal in a day only.

Posters placed over the walls in Dhaka showing cartoons insulting Islam and Muslims



 Moreover, the poor law and order situation and riots in Bangladesh from last few years has made lives of Bangladeshi poor more unpleasant. The reason behind this unrest are the policies of Haseena Wajid against Islam through which in the name of being agents of Pak-Army and ISI Islamists are being pushed against wall and doors of politics are being closed for political parties having Islamic identity. These policies have made majority suffer from unrest and forced them to take over to the roads as a protest. As a result the economy suffered from further stagnancy. If we look at this situation carefully Bangladeshi people are facing same situation which they were suffering before 1975, they have started feeling themselves powerless and helpless against Indian imperialism.. The only difference is that in India only

Hindus and in Bangladesh only anti-religious and so-called liberalists are attracted towards this allegation.



                But a common Bengali who is more politically aware in the whole South Asia especially in sub-continent and has the capability to stand for his rights without taking in account any threats, is not ready to accept propaganda of Haseena Wajid and India about interference of Pakistan’s ISI and Islam. They only know that Haseena Wajid who came into power by promising changing the fate of Bangladeshi people through the support of foreign NGOs and trade deals from Europe has now ignored all her promises and following her father’s steps to convert Bangladesh into a colony of India. The hopes of the Bangladeshi people that Awami League would improve health and sanitary conditions and provide employment have now died away as Haseena Wajid after coming into power has followed the politics of revenge by opening the closed cases of 1971 and started the practical approach to convert Bangladesh into an atheist state acting upon the dictation of India by terming Islam as Pakistanism or love for Pakistan that Islam is integral part of the Eastern Bengal which ultimately resulted into the struggle for Pakistan i.e. a separate homeland for Muslims after withdrawal of English so that Muslims do not become slaves of Hindus, this struggle started from Bengal and resulted in Pakistan.

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