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Address of Saeed Ismat, Chairman, London Institute of South Asia (LISA) in The House of Lords On 20 June 2018 “Discussion and LISA Book Award 2018”

"In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful".

My Lords, Honourable Members of the Parliament, Your Excellency, Ambassador of Iceland Stefan Haukur Johannesson , distinguished guests, Ladies and gentlemen- عَلَيْكُمْ مُ اَلسَّلاَ

I like to thank Lord Nazir Ahmed for his support to the London Institute of South Asia by hosting this event at the House Lords. I, on my own behalf and on behalf of London Institute of South Asia welcome you on this book discussion in the presence of its most distinguished writer Mr Elias Davidsson. A very warm welcome to you Mr Davidsson and your daughter Miss Ester Eliasdottir.

The London Institute of South Asia (LISA) is a not for profit think tank organisation specialising in the affairs of South Asian nations. We are autonomous and not linked to any government, NGO, or political party.
We stand for truth and justice. Our primary focus is on human rights and promoting peace and amity amongst nations. We are an independent voice determined to speak the truth and provide an alternative source of information, education and ideas. It is in this context that our scholars and researchers found this marvellous book of Mr Elias Davidson “The Betrayal of India: Revisiting the 26/11Evidence” On 26 November 2008 the world witnessed dramatic murder of 162 people while over 300 got injured in Mumbai. It left behind more than 500 families devastated and in many cases they lost the sole breadwinner. Yet this tragic criminal act hardly had any effect on Indian politics, territorial integrity economy or social fabric.

 Mr Davidsson states the deadly consequences of the Mumbai attacks were dwarfed by 42,000 murders that are committed yearly or by millions of children who die prematurely every year in India.

Why is it that the event triggered an unprecedented outpouring of articles, reports, statements documentaries and book? To get an answer Mr. Davidsson deconstructed the official account step by step in an amazingly systematic manner and what we have is this monumental work of 903 pages.

 This book has clearly shattered many illusions some might have about India: its farcical democracy, the integrity of its military and police, the alleged independence of its judiciary and the role played by its media in maintaining these illusions. In his words this book is about betrayal of Indian nation by corrupt, greedy and ruthless elite for whom the lives of ordinary Indians are expendable,

 The author has highlighted:

  • The Indian authorities including India prime minister immediately blamed Pakistan  even before any investigation began
  • It is very puzzling that it took more than 1000 police and security forces personnel and elite commandoes almost 60 Hours to subdue just 10 gunmen.
  • No organisation claimed responsibility for this very complex and meticulously planned operation. The political elite of the United States showed immediate interest and joined India in defaming and blaming Pakistan.

Who really profited from this carnage? Mr Davidsson states that India, United States and Israel profited significantly from 26/11 to that with your permission Mr Davidsson may I add who suffered the maximum; of course the 162 victims of the carnage and 500 devastated families they left behind. And the enormous damage to over 200 million people of a nation called Pakistan.

Pakistan was isolated and intimidated to an extent that its cowardly leaders caved in to the pressures and the propaganda. We witnessed the tragic Betrayal of Pakistan when its leaders started obliquely accepting the blame and arrested a number of its citizens on false charges of collaborating in the crimes at Mumbai. Senior ministers of the Pakistan government Mahmud Durrani (National Security Adviser), Sherry Rahman (Information Minister) and Rahman Malik (Interior Minister)  made statement that were detrimental to Pakistan either through naivety but as some would say they were in fact complicit in supporting the Indian narrative.

Mr Davidsson eloquently and succinctly states in this book that the number of Synthetic or False Flag operations terrorist operations round the world increased since 2001 and  26/11 0f 2008 was no exception as it has all the ingredients of a false flag operation. In fact it a classical case studies of a ruthless false flag operation. He has given a detailed account to justify this claim but in brief he says:

  • Lack of claim for its responsibility by bona-fide organisation
  • Lack of demand of any sort by the perpetrators of this heinous crime.
  • Refusal of any public independent investigation of this crime.
  • Existence of significant motives for the crime

The author concludes that major institutional actors in India, the United States and possibly Israel were complicit in conceiving, planning, directing and executing the attacks of 26/11. The plotters had to conceal their hand by blaming Pakistan – it has worked as great cover up for a well planned False Flag operation and very cleverly covering up the truth.  


  • This book be given wide publicity as it is based on evidence and truth.
  • Pakistan should take up this case after thorough preparation to the United Nations Security Council. I think  precedents exist for establishing Commissions of Inquiry including terrorist attacks
  • Establishment of an International Commission under the authority of Chapter VII of UN Charter.
  •  Most importantly, Pakistanis may consider asking the Chief justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to order establishment of a “Commission” to establish the facts and initiate legal action against all cabinet members, government officials and the media persons who caused huge damage to the state by towing the Indian and US narrative.

In end I would say the Mumbai Attack of 26/11 was not only ‘Betrayal of India’ and its people, it was ‘Betrayal of Pakistan’ and its people and of course it was ‘Betrayal of Humanity’.

Saeed Ismat is a former Ambassador of Pakistan. He currently heads London Institute of South Asia (LISA) a not for profit, independent think that specialises in the affairs of South Asia. LISA is dedicated to human rights and is an authentic voice determined to speak the truth and provide an alternative source of information, education and ideas.

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