Kashmir solution - Kashmir continuing to suffer

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ON this Kashmir Solidarity Day, with the people of India-held Kashmir continuing to suffer from the latest bout of violence and repression by the Indian state, some long-standing realities need to be reiterated.

First, India will never be able to bury the Kashmir dispute — not inside IHK and not in its relationship with Pakistan.

To the proud, defiant and infinitely courageous people of IHK, a message of solidarity is important: whatever the rulers and policymakers in the region choose to do or not do, oppressed people everywhere share a common bond — the quest for dignity, basic rights and self-determination are fundamental to human existence. The state of India has long been in denial of core human values in IHK, but its denial cannot go on forever — the rightful and intrinsically just demands of the people of IHK will ultimately prevail.

Second, India’s stubborn refusal to engage with Pakistan on the Kashmir dispute under Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a policy doomed to failure. For parochial, domestic reasons, Mr Modi may be in denial of the centrality of the Kashmir dispute to the normalisation of ties between the two countries, but that cannot undo the legal and moral basis of Pakistan’s demand for a fair and just solution to the Kashmir dispute.

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