Kashmir and UN Human Rights

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For the first time ever UN published a scathing human rights report on Kashmir.  This was highly appreciated and many expect that it may restrain India committing brutalities and most inhuman atrocities on the hapless Kashmiris. A few were optimistic that at least it may auger well to restore some semblance of peace and quiet. It was considered a huge success but then came a complete volte face by the UN itself.
What a shame for the United Nations, the standard bearer and champion of human Rights that despite publication of its own report and the Amnesty International on grave human rights violations brashly elects India as a member of The Human Rights Council with highest number of votes. Nothing could be more preposterous and regrettable. One may remind the UN that it is considered protector of human rights and one would expect it to stand by its enunciated principles that discourage nations to be its member who have track record of gravest violation of human rights.

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