ISI and Afghanistan

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A graduate from London School of Economics where he did his BA and focused on Indian Rebellion of 1857. He has masters in International Relations from Kings College.

 He served the British Army (Welsh Guards) with distinction and is veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. He is an expert on Afghanistan where he served as Officer leading Afghan National Army soldiers against the Taliban in Afghanistan on three 6-months deployments. He has vast experience of Pakistan where he is researching a film on Pakistani soldiers and officers.

 He was one of the speakers at the Annual Seminar of the London Institute of South Asia (LISA) titled Prospects of India Pakistan Relations held on29th May 2014 at Institute of Advance Legal Studies, University of London. He made some interesting comments on the proxy war in Afghanistan.

 Robert Gallimore said that he found a great deal of animosity against Pakistan in the Afghan National Army and the Afghan leadership at all level. They complained of excessive interference by the ISI in their affairs. ISI and Pakistan army was to be blamed for all their ills and failings. I discovered that this was totally based on falsehood and propaganda. There was not a shred of evidence to be found on these allegations on the ground. He believed this happened because of vast Indian ingress and influence in the Afghan establishment and leadership.

 He believed that the great game (after departure of US forces) in Afghanistan will played by India and Pakistan. This will as usual prove disastrous for both and the best is to leave Afghanistan alone to sort them out.

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