Indian agent’ Umar Daud Khattak arrested on Torkham border

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On 22 Aug 2019, An alleged spy who was identified Umar Daud Khattak was caught by FIA While he was trying to cross in Pakistan via Torkham border. Umar Daud Khattak was in living in Afghanistan as Afghan citizen from many years and had been a Pashtun Activist, who had been calling himself a commander of Pashtun people trying to put criticism on Pakistan for treating bad to Pashtun people in Pakistan and had been successful to smuggle many Pashtuns from Pakistan to Afghanistan by brainwashing them to get their freedom. One of this activity was highlighted on Pakistan Army using  Pashtun women as sex slaves, he said in his speech that Pakistani army use to kidnap girls from swat and Waziristan, they are kept in Lahore and are used as sex slaves by the army in order to fund their terror camp, later it was reported because of this man according to UNHCR 5 lakh people fled to Afghanistan to escape atrocities of Pak Army, which was later on Report False statement just to break Pakistan by spreading violation with in state. After investigating FIA Deputy Director Anti-Human Smuggling “Imran Shahid” demanded to held a press conference in Peshawar to share details of the development which was establishing due to activity of this Indian Spy who was also supported by Afghanistan. FIA officer Imran Shahid said that the suspected 'agent', Umar Daud Khatak, was arrested from the Torkham border on Aug 22. The suspect had established a group entitled Pashtun Liberation Army which he was using as Anti-Pakistan to put additional Corruption to break break (KPK) state of Pakistan , the official, said, adding that the suspected Indian spy had been found in possession of both Pakistani and Afghan passports. After investigating, the FIA deputy director said, that (Indian Spy) Umar Daud Khattak had travelled to India five times on the base of his Afghani passport. The official said that spy had been creating unrest and anarchy among the Pashtun people. "Umar Daud Khattak was Brain washing people of Pastun Areas of Pakistan against the country as well as security agencies,"

FIA has handed over to the Counter Terrorism Department for further investigation and development.

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