India Must Stop Killing and Torturing

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Human Rights Watch (HRW), an international human rights body, has urged the government of India to stop human rights violations by the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) along the Bangladesh border and prosecute those responsible. Human Rights Watch has also asked Bangladesh government to take a stronger stand against the Indian government to stop the killing and torture of Bangladeshis.  HRW recalled that in December 2010 it released the report “Trigger Happy”, which documented the excessive use of force by the Indian Troops at the Bangladesh border as well as nearly 1,000 killings by the BSF over the last decade.  Human rights activists charge that the BSF is committing grave abuses on these desperate people, including torture and murder, in defiance of the laws of both countries and a violation of promises made earlier to exercise restraint. India is constructing a 2,500-mile wall of concrete and barbed wire on the Bangladesh border costing $1.2 billion.  

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