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 There is great  disorder under the heavens and the situation is excellent …..MAO Z DONG

It is famously said that one man with courage is majority. You may like him or hate him but you have to give the Devil his due. He is indeed a man out of the ordinary, a  force of nature indeed.


A solitary individual has completely transformed the political landscape of Pakistan beyond recognition. This sea change has taken place in the short span of six weeks.


He was humiliated and unceremoniously removed from office. Now he has created a ground reality,single-handedly,while there was none before. He has criss-crossed  the length and breadth of Pakistan in scorching heat to rousing and emotional welcomes by millions.His words are touching the chords from Karachi to Khayber.


He has electrified the wide  majority of his countrymen. He seems to be a man possessed. He warned of a ferocious response if removed through intrigue and deceit. And he has lived every word of his promise. He has great power of conviction. He’s absolutely fearless and has instilled fearlessness in his countrymen. Now the people of Pakistan suddenly, have refused to be scared. 


The  odds stacked against Imran Khan were so huge and fearsome that a lesser mortal  would not even think of taking them on,even in dreams.


Now,Everyone, everywhere is feeling the heat of this raging fire which Imran Khan has been able to Kindle in the hearts of the teeming millions. This fire is now  threatening to reach uncomfortably close to the powers that be. The people under Imran Khan‘s leadership are willing and ready to take on the might of the mightiest unhesitatingly.


The perpetrators of the regime change are numbed into disbelief at this spectacular turn of events, groping for  choices. 

At this moment in time, the way things have unfolded, is beyond the comprehension and the wildest imaginations of the elements who orchestrated the downfall of Imran Khan. It is certainly a drastic miscalculation and a misjudgement of the man, the phenomena, that Imran Khan is.


 Imran Khan  has risen above himself. He is in a state where living and dying has become meaningless and unimportant. It is a sublime existence. His words come from his heart and are casting  a spell on his listeners, lifting their spirits.


 It is indeed a privileged to be part of the moment when history is being made . There is a palpable thrill and excitement to be an ordinary member of this historical phenomenon.


 Pakistan is transforming and there is no way that this movement  is going to fail. The massive momentum that has been created is relentlessly progressive.


The opposing camp is nervous and in disarray,demoralised and in  retreat. This retreat is in the face of the surging  will of the people and the iron  resolve and ceaseless attacks  from a sincere soul,every fibre of whose being is  fiercely loyal to the motherland.

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