Fidel Castro - The Success of Castro’s Revolution also Meant Facing Down

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The success of Castro’s revolution also meant facing down more than 50 years of a hostile and destructive U.S. blockade, while also surviving multiple CIA assassination attempts. Castro and Cuba’s success inspired a growing decolonization movement throughout the world, one which Castro actively supported by creating networks of mutual aid throughout Latin America, Africa, and the rest of the Global South.

The leader of a Caribbean island nation of 11 million people was one of the most important international figures of the world, whose very existence challenged the US supremacy and imperialist onslaught. The New York Times appeared to be a little more magnanimous with its headline: «Fidel Castro has died at 90. The Cuban revolutionary was a nemesis for 11 American presidents». The solution to Communism in Cuba was believed to be a “biological” one by US that led CIA and CIA backed assassins to more than hundred failed assassination attempts on Castro. The mainstream media is no doubt, caught in a frenzy of suppressed celebrations on his death!

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