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We the people –Victims of Psy warfare

Never in human history have we been as well-informed as today and yet the vast majority haven’t got a clue of what’s really going on in this world. That’s because whilst the super high-tech Western global media supplies tons of data,  but their theme and narratives remain most misleading.Their aim is  not to enlighten public opinion but rather to dump  data upon us all and then force it together as best suits the Global Power Masters.

The media are the instrument that scripts that data in very specific ways to generate a specific worldview that will support specific interpretations that then lead straight to specific conclusions that result in popular support (or compliance) towards their goals and objectives. In other words, the mainstream media are the vehicle for manufacturing consent.

With the impressive technological advances, the mainstream media has advanced into full-fledged Psychological Warfare – PsyWar – that does not distinguish between foreign and domestic “enemies”. From the Global Power Elites viewpoint, “We the People” everywhere are the enemy, especially independent-thinking people that increasingly challenge them.

PsyOp’s ability to manufacture consent amongst “democratic majorities” has led to the worst crimes being perpetrated in broad daylight, whilst a compliant and complacent populace just looked on allowing it all to happen. From the obscene destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq,  Libya and systematic destabilisation  of Pakistan, to the genocide of Palestine and Kashmir, they have successfully catapulted  the perverted and corrupt politicians into the upper echelons of government in country after country after country.  It’s pretty much the same everywhere and in every country because people watch the same TV channels and read the same newspapers… South Asia is no exception.

Another example of labelling of the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist, the imprisoning of protest leaders, and the crackdown on dissent, has returned Egypt to a police state worse than under Mubarak, consent is being manufactured by the western media to see the departure of a democratically elected Muslim brotherhood government as a positive and progressive necessity. We may well see a civil war in Egypt as we have seen in other Arab countries where the West intervened at its own or on behest of Israel.

Man of the Year

One of Britain’s most influential newspapers has named Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘Man of the Year.’ The Times awarded the title because Putin "succeeded in one of his most enduring ambitions: to bring Moscow back to the international high table."According to the newspaper, it was the Syrian insurgency that “propelled the president back into the front ranks of effective world statesmen,” when he managed to steer the West away from military intervention. He then used the escalating conflict to boost Russia's clout on the international stage.

“The narrow, but achievable and worthy aim of taking apart President Assad’s chemical arsenal was a face-saver for the West. And it established Mr Putin as a Middle East player once again; for Arab leaders and the Iranians he was suddenly the man who knew how to head off Western-led regime change,” The Times said.

Former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden came in second, for having “pulled off the year\\\'s most spectacular heist.” Earlier this month, Foreign Policy voted Edward Snowden as being the top ‘Global Thinker’ of 2013.

Sham Democracies of South Asia

\\\"The most important political distinction among countries," Huntington writes, "concerns not their form of government but their degree of government." In other words, strong democracies and strong dictatorships have more in common than strong democracies and weak democracies. This, in turn, is because order usually comes before freedom -- for without a reasonable degree of administrative order, freedom can have little value. The issue is not democracy per se, because weak democracies can spawn ineffective institutional orders. What individual in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh really want is justice. And justice is ultimately the fruit of enlightened administration. Justice, good governance and respect for human rights remain elusive in South Asia.

India remains a victim like the rest of the poor countries but India is rather unique not only it is corrupt to the core but has now been ‘conditioned’ to accept a criminal and mass murderer of Muslims to be the future Prime Minister of this great democracy. Humanity is in crisis here than ever before. India has seen yet another generations where bloodied hands are anointed as aspirant to be a Prime Minister. It is a very sorry state of affairs for India where Hindutva is emerging as a dominant force. It shall set in a new wave of Hindu extremism and communal violence. In India we are about to witness Hindutva aggressively militant sectarianism enforced by a powerful centralized state. One wonders if Hindutva is the concocted response to Maoism in India as Nazism was to communism in Germany.

India’s relations with its neighbours remain that of a bully. It keeps on beating the drums of war with them from time to time to keep them intimidated but in reality India is at war with itself as well. It is no wonder then that a Maoist/Naxalite insurrection is spreading across India like an oil stain across paper, already affecting 14 of India’s 28 States (Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Uttaranchal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra and Bihar). In figures, that means the Maoists are in control in 165 districts out of the total of 602 into which the country is divided. Today, the Naxalite heavily influence a third of the country, and India is no closer to eradicating the insurgency than it was 50 years ago.

While Kashmir remains occupied by nearly 700,000 Indian troops that has stained its hands with the blood of thousands of freedom fighters, the 220 Million Dalits continue to be treated as untouchables. Dalits are ‘outcastes’ falling outside the traditional four-fold caste system of Hinduism. They are considered impure and polluting and are therefore physically and socially excluded and isolated from the rest of society. Dalits suffer from this “hidden apartheid” of segregation, exclusion, and discrimination in India their plight is more pathetic. Through systematic Psy warfare it is made to be seen as  the largest democracy in the world.

Pakistan. A fellow journalist   has put it so aptly; “Nothing has changed over the years except Pakistan is floating in a bubble of political, social, economic and strategic entanglement and it is just a matter of time that foreign masters could undermine its flight without notice. Pakistanis are camouflaged into a world of fantasy and dream that crime-riddled corrupt politicians could rescue them from catastrophic consequences unthinkable to conventional wisdom at the present.”

Progressive nations encourage politicians of vision and integrity to make headways in political standing but not so in filthy politics of Pakistan, political actors pretend and deceive masses with illusions of change when nothing really changes on the ground once they get into power. Politicians of Pakistan have persistently betrayed the trust and expectations of the masses. Despite this odd and evil-mongering, they still rule the country under one or another fraudulent context of democracy.  

Prime minister of Pakistan started the year by practically begging for talks with a terrorist organization, which has expressed its disinterest on countless occasions. How naive one can get! The PM must remember that his government is primarily responsible for protecting the lives of the people of this country. By mindlessly insisting on a flawed ‘strategy’, it is miserably failing in the performance of its basic duty, which means: deliver, or pack up and go home. The TTP refuses to accept the constitution along with the entire system through which a modern state functions. Why is Nawaz Sharif following a self destructive agenda?

The trial of General Musharraf is a convenient political escape from the pertinent facts of political history and pressing problems facing Pakistan. Musharraf made major political blunders and violated the constitution (who hasn’t) but is not a traitor. Those like Zardari and Nawaz Sharif crying treason should see the mirror. Time will pass but political shame will never go away from the image of Pakistan. None of the Pakistani politicians in the governance or at the National Assembly seem to enjoin individual conscience of honesty and intelligent credibility to be leaders at the national stage. This is what stalls all opportunities for change and development of the future-making. Good luck to Pakistan that calls its heroes traitors and easily turn the real traitors to heroes

A well known fellow journalist has this to say,” In our enlightened republic who is entitled to speak of the rule of law? Lawyers who in the wake of their glorious movement have become more skilful in the use of their fists than their knowledge of the law? Judges who have presided over a system of selective justice, very alive to some things, totally dead to others? Political leaders who are tax evaders and loan defaulters first and anything else afterwards, but whose looks of patriotism and national concern would convince even doubters of their dramatic skills? “

Bangladesh is in a total disarray; totally confused and helpless. It has still not grown out of the pains of its birth. Dark, tragic, corrupt and junk history of this Muslim nation is propelling its iron lady Shiekh Hasina to take this nation into bottomless pit of hatred, conspiracies, murder, vengeance and vendetta. Bangladesh hanged Abdul Quader Mollah an elderly leader of Jamaat Islami on Thursday despite pleas not to from the United Nations. It has also questioned why the Awami League is only now pressing forward on war crimes trials when it didn\\\'t do so while in power during the 1970s and 1990s. Jamaat, a major ally of the main opposition party Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), is a constant thorn in the side of the ruling Awami League. Jamaat enjoys considerable support, particularly in rural areas. And periodically, it mobilizes its adherents in large-scale demonstrations in Dhaka to show its strength.

Bangladesh is total turmoil – a nation on the brink. Human rights are at centre stage and a matter of serious concern besides the current political impasse. BNP of Khalida Zia and 18 other allied parties have boycotted the elections while the Jamaat is banned from taking part in it. With this instability will come political volatility. Many more people are likely to be killed and injured in future political violence Bangladesh, security forces don’t usually exercise force in a measured and proportional way. On the contrary, as Human Rights Watch has repeatedly documented, Bangladesh security forces have a long track record of using excessive force against protestors, even targeting them intentionally—as well as arresting and abusing detainees. To put in simple terms, they shoot people, sometimes intentionally, and often with extreme recklessness.

The tribunal’s judgments of hanging elderly statesman would have profound impact on Bangladesh’s political scene, which is why observers have offered their constructive criticisms of the process—criticisms which have not been accepted.

Despite India having heavily invested in Bangladesh elections to re-elect Hasina. Various Indian Muslim organizations have reacted to this hanging of Abdul Quader Mollah it includes Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee (CLMC),Jamaat-e-Islami Hind  and Mushawarat: They said making effort for maintaining integrity of a country cannot be described as treason In the age of democracy it is unthinkable that a ruling party, just for revenge, would level wrong heinous charges against political opponents ignoring all the requirements of justice. They urged governments and people of entire world to raise voice against the oppression and brutality.

Dr Khan President of The All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, the umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations said this judicial murder will go into history as one of the sins and misdeeds of the present Bangladeshi ruler. Dr Khan asked international human rights organisations to take the Bangladesh government and its discredited tribunal to the International Court of Justice as sanity and good counsel have failed to bring the present rulers of Bangladesh to their senses.

 A very apt saying of Sarmila Bose for the whole of South Asia but in the present context perhaps  more applicable to Pakistan and Bangladesh:-

“They have a flare to praise their corrupt and powerful but fail to honour their heroes. As Sarmila says “Rather, in failing to honour them, the nation dishonours itself”




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