Pakistan has 'serious concerns' over Saudi-Iran confrontation

Pakistan has 'serious concerns' over Saudi-Iran confrontation

January 05, 2016, 2:09 pm/

Foreign Affairs advisor Sartaj Aziz said Pakistan has 'serious concerns' over Saudi-Iran confrontation, Waqt News reported. He was addressing the National Assembly. According to media sources Aziz showed apprehensions over security of Pakistan’s ambassador and staff in Iran. “We want to ensure the security of our embassy staff in Tehran because terrorist elements can harm them,” he said. The Foreign Affairs advisor further said Pakistan wants to play the role of mediator between both states to resolve the issue. “Both states are allies of Pakistan and we want to reduce the tension between them,” he added. Saudi Arabia and Iran are at loggerheads after the Saudi Kingdom sentenced Shia cleric Al-Nimr on Saturday. Iran retaliated strongly and a mob torched the Saudi Embassy in Tehran. After the incident Saudi government ordered the Iranian diplomat to leave the country immediately. Furthermore Bahrain and UAE also cut diplomatic relations with Iran

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