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Bangladeshi Regional Migration Could - Recommended Articles

Whether part of a preplanned strategy or not, large-scale migration flows often destabilize the dest

Constructing Muslim Enemy: RSS/BJP Campaign for 2019 Elections…

A hidden potential of Contemporary Dalit Uprisings Recommended…

Heroic Bangladesh students’ spirit marched ahead of mainstream…

Bhutanese dilemma: To be or not to be with India The Bhutanese…

The Bhutanese are in a dilemma: Should they continue to be tied to India economically and in the

Saving Hinduism from Hindutva A Pakistani, who has always had…

London Institute of South Asia (LISA) in The House of Lords…

Address of Saeed Ismat, Chairman, London Institute of South Asia (LISA) in The House of L


Mr Elias Davidsson book “The Betrayal of India” Revisiting the 26/11 Evidence is an i

LISA/RUSI SEMINAR 2018 - The Royal United Services Institute…

Blood-Spilling On the Line: ‘The future of India-Pakistan…

It was yet another dark day for people living on the bloody line dividing Jammu and Kashmir. On F

India is a ‘republic of fear’. The UK must keep the pressure…

As Indian prime minister Narendra Modi lands in the UK, the

Silence Is Culpable If liberty means anything at all, it means…

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people
what they do not wa

How Israel and Pakistan Can Avoid a Nuclear Showdown Recomended

Russia-Pakistan Military Relations Are on the Path to a Strategic…

The statements made by the Russian and Pakistani Defense Ministers after their intera

The Pakistan Army and Iran: a new dawn or a messenger for the…

The Pakistan Army has been drawing closer to Iran under its new chief General Qamar B


Precariously making the cut for the eighth and final spot on the ICC ODI rankings, Pakistan came

India and Multipolarity - In the Years After the Cold War


In the years after the Cold War, India’s media came under t

CPEC and the 21st Century Convergence Of Civilizations

The current century presents a plethora of strategic opportunities for Pakistan, provided that Is

Afghanistan: A Russian Peace for an American War

“In a stark admission….” this is how Fox News in the United States presented t

Is Russia’s “Deep State” Divided over India?

Russian diplomacy in the 21st century is characterized by its trademarked balancing and mutually

Beware the Kashmir Volcano - The Divided South Asian Mountain…

The divided south Asian mountain state of Kashmir is like a volcano: forgotten when quiescent, bu

Tribute To Mahatma Tipu Sultan

Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan were indeed the great rulers of Southern India. They perform their bes

Situationer: Politics, Not Law, Likely to Decide Murder Probe

Dr Imran Farooq went into hiding after the launch of the operation in Karachi in 1992 and resurfa

Curfew As An Instrument Of Mass Torture In Kashmir

For over a month practically the entire Kashmir valley has been under a state of curfew. The inno


A new wave of militancy, mostly comprising of educated young men, is sweeping through the trouble

Witchhunt in Bangladesh

Witchhunt in Bangladesh K Iqbal May be time has come for Pakistan to re-open the trial of ‘

Pakistan to raise Kulbhushan Yadav’s issue with EU, UN

Pakistan to raise Kulbhushan Yadav’s issue with EU, UN ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office on Thu

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Coverage of China-Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) a meg

Islamist Terror In The East And West: Lahore, Paris, Brussels…

Islamist Terror In The East And West: Lahore, Paris, Brussels And Beyond By Taj Hashmi Although I

It is High Time to Discard the Pernicious Myth of India’s…

The idea that medieval Muslim rulers wreaked havoc on Indian culture and society – delibera

UNICEF appreciates Maleeha Lodhi for her role as President of…

UNICEF appreciates Maleeha Lodhi for her role as President of Agency’s Executive Board

The Crux Of The Matter

There have been reports by independent agencies (NGOs) and by journalists about the false cases r


International law does not currently regard an act of official corr

India's Lost Opportunity for Reform: Narendra Modi Falters

Senior Fellow, the Cato Institute

Last year Narendra Modi won an unusually strong majority

Gwadar Terminal: Reaching the Critical Mass

by admin on 10th , December 2018

The New Great Game Has Arrived in Bangladesh

by Dr M. Abdul Mu’min Chowdhury on 7th , December 2018

Massacre and Harassment in Kashmir

by admin on 5th , December 2018

Gang Rapes in Kashmir

by admin on 4th , December 2018

Silence on Rapes in Kashmir

by Abdul Majid Zargar on 3rd , December 2018

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