0 comments   |     by Meena Varma on 29, November 2015

MODI’S VISIT TO UK- AN EVALUATION Meena Varma It was easy to forget, as streams of early arrivals battled through driving hail and wind to reach the stadium, that the man they were flocking to see was barred from Britain for a decade until 2012, following riots in Gujarat in which 2,000 Muslims died. The Hindu nationalist Modi was chief mini

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  0 comments   |     by Madhavi Basnet on 04, November 2015

South Asia's Regional Initiative on Human Rights by Madhavi Basnet The South Asian people share many socio-economic and political problems, such as poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, unequal treatment of women, violence against women, pollution, exploitation of child labor, and religious fundamentalism. Human rights organizations in South Asia have rece

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Indian diplomacy takes a major Hit in Nepal

  0 comments   |     by Lt General Ashok K Mehta (Former Indian army offic on 04, November 2015

A country that refuses to learn from past mistakes is fated to remain on the learning curve. This is India’s misfortune. The Indian mistake today in being intrusive toward its tiny northern neighbour Nepal bears similarity with the disastrous policy failure it experienced vis-à-vis its small southern neighbour Sri Lanka. This was reiterated by an eminent Indian analyst, diploma

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The Naxalite Insurgency in India

  0 comments   |     by Kristian A Kennedy on 04, November 2015

16 of India's 28 states – mostly in the east and the centre – are affected by insurgency to a greater or lesser degree. It is an often ignored fact that 66.6% of Indian landmass is not in Indian control where the writ of the state is shaky and in places negligible or nonexistent.  There may be as many as 150,000 militiamen and full-time fighters in total and India's Prime M

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Insurgencies in India

  0 comments   |     by Paul Staniland on 04, November 2015

India is often hailed as a triumph of democracy in a poor, multi ethnic society. This success must be qualified by the armed challenges to the Indian state that have regularly erupted and endured during its modern history. India’s future holds more internal conflict. The Naxalite challenge poses a serious threat to the state’s reach in large areas of the interio

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  0 comments   |     by Saeed Ismat on 03, November 2015

Corruption is a Human Rights Issue International law does not currently regard an act of official corruption as the violation of a human right. But as recent steps by Chinese leaders, political/security shifts in Pakistan, the EuroMaidan in Ukraine, and the Arab Spring all reflect, an international consensus is emerging that corruption is a pervasive and pernicious social problem, stru

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All At Sea

  0 comments   |     by Kristy Siegfried on 17, May 2015

OXFORD: (IRIN) - The plight of thousands of migrants and asylum seekers from Myanmar and Bangladesh, left adrift without food and water for nearly a week, has all the hallmarks of a full-blown humanitarian crisis. Yet despit

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